Activia Bifidus Actiregularis – Fragola

Yogurt, such as Activia is one of my favorite morning snack or as part of my breakfast meal. I don’t really have a strict diet, nor do I follow a healthy meal plan. I simply go by what we have from our fridge. Since I am the one who cooks, I get to take over the kitchen and decide what will be for lunch and dinner and how healthy or unhealthy it will be.


activia yogurtPIN IT!
activia yogurtPIN IT!

Road to fitness is tough. I don’t need to be an expert to know that. In fact, I am sure everyone wonders why all the bad food (such as junk food) have to taste so darn good and all the rest of the good and healthy food have to be a struggle to make it taste good. On times as such, I really wish I am a great chef or cook so I can make all the healthy food taste really awesome.

Living here in Italy is another challenge. This year will mark as my 3rd year here and I swear, shopping for spices and food here isn’t the same as shopping in the US supermarket or in the Philippines. Not only most of the stuff I am looking for is unavailable, there are also instances where I can’t find the right item for the label is in Italian and most of the supermarket employees in my area don’t speak English. That right there is a tragedy waiting to happen in the kitchen. Thankfully the yogurt section isn’t much of a mystery to figure out. They have the brand of yogurt I prefer … Activia! Despite being in a different language, it still is the same yogurt. The flavor strawberry is called “Fragola” over here.

So how do I cope? I literally started adjusting my cooking. Instead of having the regular food that we are used to, the freezer is pretty much packed with fish, fish and more fish. Aside from that there are a few chicken and steak for grilling. I have skipped frying food and only do it occasionally. The rest of the time I grill the food or bake it. I have implemented yogurt (activia) and salad as well as aloe vera juice to our diet. When I say diet, I mean by eating habits and not the diet to lose weight. Just to eat healthier. Also, I try to be more active and when I can I do join ze boyf at the gym.

workoutPIN IT!

Sweating is good for the body and is also a natural way to lose some unwanted flabs or to simply tone our body. I know it is quite uncomfortable and seriously to me it is quite a struggle but I am trying my best to keep at it. In case you missed it, you can read about my recent fitness related update about “Pilates“. If you have any tips to share feel free to send them over. I would be more than happy to check it out and maybe feature it here on my blog too. Until next time! xo


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