Keep an Eye on Life’s Smallest Wonders with Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera

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As most of you know, my hubby and I have been busy preparing for the arrival of our beautiful sweet angel. I’m now on my 6th month, and literally just entered the third-trimester stage. While most pregnancy websites would only state to start preparing for a hospital bag checklist, and friends would casually remind me to have my birth plan in order, this is also the perfect time to get our home (or at least one room) baby-ready.

While some families prepare way too early, some also do so way too late! Personally, I started doing my research in the middle of my second-trimester so hubby and I can make our decisions shortly after. That’s the thing with pregnancies, each and every single one is unique and different. Some say theirs is a breeze, and there are those fortunate ones like me who have to battle morning sickness that lasts all day long throughout the journey. Some babies arrive before their due date, and others after. So in my opinion, I’d rather be somewhat prepared than panic and make impulsive decisions just because the baby is already home and nothing is in order. One of the major preparations we’ve done is ensure that we can always keep a close watch of our little one no matter what. We’ve got that covered — and more with the Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera

Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera

Arlo Baby Smart Monitoring CameraPIN IT!

Arlo Baby Smart Monitoring CameraPIN IT!

Let’s face it when you’re an expecting parent … even more for us expecting moms, the whole nine months journey is already a long, tiring process. We’ve anticipated for the big day ever since day 1. It is only to be expected that we want to provide a safe environment. Not that we’re becoming over-protective, we just want what’s best. Arlo Baby offers peace of mind with its fantastic feature and smart design. Even from a distance, your little one is just a tap away! Check out the following information that quickly convinced our growing family why Arlo Baby is the right choice for us …

  • 1. Stay in the know – keep up with your baby’s movement and activities with the smart that is delivered straight to your device using the free Arlo app (available for iOs, Android and web browser compatible). Be it on the go, or simply somewhere around your home you can get alerts to know whenever there is motion or even audio detected in your nursery.
  • 2. Never Miss Any Moment – with the 1080p HD Video resolution, you can always have a good look whenever wherever! Easily live-stream videos and recording without even worrying about the darkness because of its night vision feature.
  • 3. Play Music or Soothing Sounds – babies are used to our heartbeat and different swooshing sounds in and around the womb. While some babies adapt quickly to a quiet environment, a few enjoy a better rest or sleep with a specific lullaby. Control, play and even tune relaxing music, white noise or even the sound from a rainforest straight from your phone.
  • 4. Light Things Up – say goodbye to darkness when entering your baby’s nursery with the night light that can be customized with thousands of colors and shades.
  • 5. Share the Moment, Catch the Action – no matter where your loved-one’s are, you can get everyone caught up and up-to-date by sharing camera access or by sharing specific videos! There’s also free and yet secure cloud storage that saves the recording for the past 7 days.

Arlo Baby Smart Monitoring CameraPIN IT!

Let’s be honest, all new parents will have sleepless nights. One way or another you’re eventually going to fall asleep and wonder what have you missed. Some worry about certain things they couldn’t keep track of. Need to go away for work? Leaving the little one on someone else’s care? Got a nanny at home? Keep everything in check and in order with the Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera.

Who says you have to be burdened with mom or dad guilt? Stop stressing. Start resting. Check it out and get one for your own, or even as a gift for someone you know who are expecting or just had their little one.

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