Must-Have Baby Bath Essentials to Keep Your Little One Safe and Happy

As most of you know, our family loves and swears by Baby Dove products. Which is why when we were given the opportunity to partner with them to share how we tackle the summer weather and our bath essentials – we were more than happy to oblige.

Giving our babies a bath is one of the most enjoyable things to do as a mom. While some pediatricians recommend bathing our little ones a few times per week after their arrival, the summer season calls for a few more, if not daily bathing. Let’s be honest, the hot summer weather on top of being active make babies sweat extra. Giving them regular baths is essential because babies should have proper hygiene too. They also tend to smell because of spilled milk so cleaning them is a must. Having poor hygiene can possibly lead to skin irritation and rashes, maybe even infection and no parents would ever want that to happen.

I get it, motherhood, as well as parenting, is absolutely HARD, but bath time shouldn’t be. Which is why I rounded up our family’s baby bath essentials to make bathing more relaxed and fun for our babies. Ready to give your little one more baths? Check out the following tips to help your precious bundle of joy feel refreshed, cooler, and comfortable!

Baby Bathtub and a Bath Mat

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Babies are small, so bathing them using your regular sized bathtub is not safe and a lot harder. Good thing there are baby bathtubs that are specially made for babies. They are smaller, almost the same size as the baby. The bath mat is also recommended because tubs are slippery and babies are hard to hold onto. With the help of a bath math, accidents like slipping with your baby are almost zero chance.

Gentle Soap, Shampoo, and Lotion

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Babies have sensitive skin, so choosing the right cleanser, shampoo, and lotion is very important. With my baby, I trust only Baby Dove products. They provide your baby with skin care that goes beyond mildness and restores essential moisture. Dove is a well-known brand all over the world and giving the customers the best quality is their top priority. Baby Dove has products for all your baby’s needs.

We love using Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo and Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash in the bath. The shampoo helps keep baby’s scalp moisturized, and both products contain nutrients that are 100 percent identical to those found in skin and are free of dyes, parabens and phthalates, so they’re extra gentle for baby’s skin.

If you prefer a bar soap, Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Baby Bar is a great choice. It’s milder and more moisturizing than other baby bar soaps and has a special fragrance that’s perfect for baby’s skin.

After bath, slather on Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion for all day moisture that leaves baby’s skin feeling soft. And when you need to clean up between baths, whether from a diaper change or a melty summer snack, Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Wipes provide gentle cleansing and instant moisturization.

All Baby Dove cleansers and lotions are made with 100 percent skin-natural nutrients for delicate baby skin. While there’s no right way to parent, there is a superior way to care for baby’s skin, and we have found it with Baby Dove.
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Washcloth or Sponge

washclothPIN IT! Babies are sometimes messy especially when they already started to eat and play. They can have spilled foods all over their body, and things stuck on their hair. Using your hands isn’t enough, so it is recommended to use a washcloth or a sponge to clean the baby. Just make sure that the cloth and sponge are baby friendly or you might end up hurting the babies.


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Giving your baby a bath is all fun until they get irritated and start crying. To avoid this happening, give them bath toys to entertain them while bathing. Let them play and enjoy the bath time. Doing this will encourage them to bathe regularly.

Hooded Towel

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Use hooded towels to keep your baby warm after taking a bath. Using regular sized ones is hard since they are a lot bigger than any baby. On the other hand, baby hooded towels are plusher and smaller. Plus the little-hooded pocket fits perfectly on a baby’s head. They’re a great way to dry their hair while multi-tasking (getting their diaper on).

Cup for rinsing

baby rinse cupPIN IT! Using your hands to rinse off the soap and shampoo takes longer than using a cup. You don’t have to buy one, instead, look for plastic cups that are easy to handle. Avoid using glass cups as they are dangerous to your babies.

Spout cover

spout coverPIN IT! Babies are playful, and they really don’t pay attention to their surroundings. They might hit their head on the faucet so covering it using a spout cover is a lot safer for the babies.

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There you have it. A list of baby bath essentials that will help you tackle bathing and make it feel less of a chore! Personally, I view our bath time as an additional way to bond and develop some communication skills. I hope this list helps out my fellow moms (and dads too). If you know anyone who needs the extra helping hand, feel free to share this post with them also!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Baby Dove. While this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are as always, solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support

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