Baby Relax Rylan – The Ultimate All-in-One Nursery Room Seating

While my husband and I were decorating and furnishing the nursery of our little one, the items that we considered are all for him—crib, mattress, baby monitor and the likes. I personally got a bit engrossed looking for decors, crib beddings and some other things that make a great addition that is not as essential but will definitely make the overall nursery look beautiful and presentable.

What I did not realize is that there is one gear that I am missing out on—a nursery chair. Luckily for me, a few of my friends emphasized the importance of having a reliable yet comfortable seating in the nursery room. It is a must have these days that I even got a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing which type of chair I should have. Back in the day, there’s one go-to seating for a nursery room, and that is a rocking chair. In this day and age, we now have a recliner, glider, swivel, and yes a rocker. So I turned to social media and asked my friends what their thoughts are in regards to this matter …

baby relax rylanPIN IT!

From there I ended up choosing the Baby Relax Rylan Swivel & Gliding Recliner Chair, and for me, it was the best decision that I have ever made (aside from marrying my husband of course!). As soon as it arrived, we unboxed the package and realized how easy it was to put together — snap and click! That’s it. 2 steps, and it was ready to roll into action.

If you’ve read my previous post about the Baby Relax Ferris crib, you would know the amazing team behind Baby Relax was gifting us a baby shower gift – and this seating is one of that. I know right? Our baby is absolutely blessed! He is arriving in less than 10 weeks, and he already has a crib a feeding area to cozy up with mommy and daddy.

Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Gliding Recliner

Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Gliding ReclinerPIN IT!

With the help of the Baby Relax Rylan, I can make the breastfeeding experience a whole lot comfortable and hassle-free once I give birth to our child. I believe that it is also the best option for putting my baby to sleep, thanks to its gliding and swivel option.

Baby Relax Rylan Swivel Gliding ReclinerPIN IT!

You can imagine my surprise when I figured out that I can already use it during my pregnancy. As most of you know, I suffer from severe acid reflux attacks since day 1, preventing me from taking much-needed rest lying down. Well, this recliner came to my rescue! Thanks to its reclining feature, I am able to rest upright during the reflux attacks.

More than that, I love how the available colors (it comes in light brown and gray!) of the recliner chair are suitable for the nursery décor that I have in mind. Because of this, I do not have to worry about choosing between aesthetics and function because this chair can surely deliver both!

Truly, a recliner chair is a must have for nursery rooms (it would even be useful in living rooms!). With this chair, our little one and I (and even my husband!) can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing sleeping, feeding, as well as bonding time!

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