Beautisol Medium Self-Tanning Mousse Kit sent over a package containing Beautisol Med. Self-Tanning Mousse Kit. In all honesty, this is my very first time to use a self-tanning product. You see, I have a very light skin and I want it to stay that way but I was feeling a bit experiment and that is why I decided to use my iFabbo coins to get this self-tanning product.

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My package contains the Dark/Med Self Tanning mousse along with an application Mitt and the self tanning guide. I am so thankful that iFabbo sent the latter because I really have no idea how to use this product. The guide is actually quite comprehensive and is very helpful for a newbie like me. It states how many pumps you should use in each body area and what is exactly the best way to apply it.

Beautisol Medium Self-Tanning Mousse Kit

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The Beautisol Medium Self-Tanning Mousse Kit Is designed to help the user achieve a long-lasting, fast-drying and natural looking medium tan. You will not look burnt since the mousse gives out a bronzing effect that creates a healthy glowing tan. It does not dry out your skin since it has moisturizing and anti-aging properties. The best thing about this is that you can easily apply it with the use of an application mitt.

Of course, I first did a color test and the effects really lived up to what is promised—a healthy bronzing tan. It is really fast drying so it isn’t too much of a hassle to apply and use. The package said that it is odor eliminating which is not exactly true. You will be able to smell a hint of perfume upon opening it but the scent goes away once it is applied.

I’m fairly light skinned, and I often find it hard to get a good tan.

Prior to using Beautisol Self-Tanning Kit

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After using Beautisol Self-Tanning Kit

Angela Ricardo model makeup artist bloggerPIN IT!

If all self tanning products are as easy to use as this, then this is really a good alternative to put some color in your skin. Avoid any cancer risks as well as early signs of aging and opt for a self tanning product instead.

The Beautisol Med. Self-Tanning Mousse Kit retails at 33.90USD. For any questions and inquiries, feel free to message me!

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