Beauty Essentials to Sleep Your Way to a Better Skin!

When it comes to beauty essentials and skin care tips, nothing beats a complete (and straight) 8 hours of sleep. Aside from giving our mind and body the much-needed rest it requires to rejuvenate, getting enough “beauty rest” can also translate into a healthier and refreshed looking skin.

If for some reason, you are having a hard time getting enough sleep (which happens to a lot of us) or if you simply wanted to take your beauty regimen to the next level, here are some proven effective tips and amazing ideas that will help steer you to the right direction.

Face Mask

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One of the easiest way to get a healthy and exceptional looking skin is by using facial masks. Face masks can clean, clarify, tighten and most of all moisturize skin with just one use (consisting of a few minutes treatment time or so). It also purges skin impurities as well as dead cells that causes dull complexion and rough texture. There are various facial masks available that ranges from unscented up to a slight hint of floral, citrus and sweet scent – all of which offers amazing benefits. It’s all comes down to preference.


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Face moisturizers boosts the skins hydration while repairing, restoring and brightening. In order to keep our skin looking young, fresh and healthy, you must keep it moisturized 24/7. Skin moisturizing products are also known as an effective anti-aging cream. Aging, stress, air pollution and toxins doesn’t sit well with our skin. In order to keep it looking fresh, healthy and silky smooth, hydrating on a regular basis is an absolute must. Skin moisturizing products offers not only anti-aging benefits but as well as protection from free-radicals and prevents dryness, irritation and dullness.


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Applying sunscreen is a must to prevent the sun’s UV rays (ultraviolet radiation) from reaching and penetrating the skin. The harmful radiation from UVA and UVB’s (types of UV rays) not only damages the skin but also ages it prematurely and causes skin discolorations, dark spots, wrinkles and increase the risk of contracting skin cancer. Good sunscreen (no matter the brand) should at least have an SPF 30 or higher for better protection. Sunscreen products (spray, lotion or water-based) are specifically formulated with ingredients that fights of sun damage.


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Not all facial cleansers are created equal. Most may feel like it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and squeaky clean – but little did you know, it’s actually doing more harm than good. How so? High acidity and alcohol often plays a role on stripping the skin of “essential” natural oils. These oils are naturally needed to keeping the skin healthy and without it will result into irritation and break outs. What you need is a gentle cleanser that effectively gets rid of surface oil, dirt and deep-seated gunk (which converts to whiteheads, blackheads and acne) without harming or damaging the skin.


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Beauty is skin deep, so it’s crucial to keep our body well hydrated by drinking lots of fluids – preferably water. Keeping our body well hydrated regulates metabolism, digestion and prevents dehydration. When the skin is dehydrated it looks dry, lifeless and wrinkled. By drinking enough water, it helps the skin look plumped and firmer.

If you are always on the go and often forget to drink enough water, here are some cute water bottles that can help you stay hydrated. No more excuses of not having water when you need it. Just remember, your body and skin will thank you for this.


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Green tea contains high amount of anti-oxidants and anti-aging benefits that promotes healthy skin and delay signs of aging. It is proven to be effective in flushing out toxins, neutralize harmful free radicals, reduce inflammation levels as well as boost the immune system – thus improving the skin’s overall condition. Since drinking green tea has direct skin benefits, green tea extracts had been popularized and is now widely used and recommended by beauty enthusiast and professionals.



There are quite a few who can’t keep up with a beauty routine – which is normal. Sometimes, our hectic schedule gets the best of us. Having a beauty ritual isn’t for everybody. It’s totally understandable that it can get tedious. That’s wherehair, skin and nail supplements comes to our rescue. This grab-and-go solution is perfect for those uncomfortable with skin care regimen or are always on the go and still wishes to get the essential nutrients they need.

  • Vitamin A – fights signs of aging like wrinkles
  • Vitamin B complex – clears up acne
  • Vitamin C – boost collagen production
  • Vitamin E – promotes skin healing process

By following this skin-friendly guide religiously, you can expect to achieve and maintain a glowing, radiant looking skin. Stop wondering what if and get started today. Your beautiful skin is waiting for you.

Sleep Your Way to a Better Skin!

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