Parent Approved Extraordinary Adventure and Imaginative Play with Bluey!

Life with toddlers –unpredictable, challenging, tiring, and yes, it can also be hair cringing for the terrible two’s or threes moment. One thing, however, is that it is also heart-warming, very fulfilling, and FUN! That’s the thing about us adults, some of us have been so engrossed keeping up with the day-to-day life that we forgot what it’s like to relax, unwind, laugh, or to let go and bust out a laugh or two. Having our kids taught me that, and more. I have also realized that I care a lot about the things that keep him occupied and entertained.

Sure, like any other parent, I want our kids to learn their ABC’s, Numbers, correct pronunciation, but it is a big PLUS if he can also learn some moral values too! On that same note, this is what makes Bluey one of our go-to animated shows to watch. The series revolves around a blue dog that turns every day into exciting adventures with a strong focus on the imaginative play while teaching life lessons.
Our son Josiah King is very much into Bluey. Their family of four is a version of ours. Where he gets to be Bluey, and the younger sibling is his baby brother. So when Moose Toys brought the cute characters from the show to life, you bet we were thrilled! The line is built around a traditional pre-school range of figures, playsets, and even vehicles so the whole family can recreate their favorite Bluey moments or imagine their own. Here’s a closer look!

Bluey Surprise!

Josiah King Bethea Toy ReviewPIN IT!

Bluey Figures and Playsets

Josiah King Bethea Toy ReviewPIN IT!

Bluey & Friends Mini Plush

Bluey PlushPIN IT!

From this collection, he immediately fell in love with the mini plush toys and even brought them to bed with him. He sleeps with Bluey and “Baby” Bingo. Instead of reading him books as of late, he prefers that we play pretend and talks like the characters before he falls asleep.

Bluey ToysPIN IT!

For the figures and playsets, he enjoys bringing them out to our backyard to let the family explore outdoors. I honestly find it cute and very endearing as he goes off and squeals “honk, honk, beep, beep!”.

Bluey ToysPIN IT!

Somehow he loves pointing the side view mirrors upward. Whatever it is, it plays a role in his imaginary adventure with Bluey and the family.

Bluey ToysPIN IT!

Bluey Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle – a Bandit figure and two surfboards are included that can be stored on the rooftop rack, and a sticker sheet to decorate the car. SRP $19.99

Bluey ToysPIN IT!

For us, as parents, Bluey is definitely on top of our must-watch kids show that we highly recommend. The show is engaging, educational, and, most of all, FUN! It inspires the whole family to play together and tap into the creative side of play –imagination.

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Bluey & Family Figure 4-Pack – Posable mini-figures of Bluey and her lovable family – dad (Bandit), mum (Chilli), and little sister (Bingo). SRP $14.99

Bluey ToysPIN IT!

Bluey and Bingo Mini Playset Park with functioning swing and slide as well as a wagon with rotating handles. SRP $12.99 each

Personally, my favorite part of this series is how they highlight the character’s developing imagination, along with physical, mental, and emotional resilience. All of which are very important for a child’s overall development.

“Moose Toys is a family-owned, Australian-based brand that exists to make kids H-A-P-P-Y. The team has innovation in their DNA and manufacture of award-winning toys that continue to disrupt the market. Moose Toys also dominates in categories including collectibles, dolls, games as well as youth electronics featuring much-loved brands like Shopkins, Little Live Pets, etc.” Love Bluey as much as we do? Make sure to visit Target by the end of this month! Products will become available again at the end of July, but will sell fast. Currently Bluey products are now sold out at Target. The toys will become available on all major retailers on Aug 1. Also, if you don’t have kids, know that these toys would make great birthday gifts, surprise reward, or even as stocking stuffers! For more information on the new Bluey toys from Moose Toys, visit

PS: Make sure to visit our youtube channel to watch my son’s quick Bluey unboxing! xx

Disclaimer: Moose Toys provided compensation via Momtrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Moose Toys or Momtrends.


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  • Brianne

    This is the kind of play I’ve always tried to promote with my kids. I think it’s so important to get their brains working on every level, especially creatively even when they’re young.

  • Claudia

    I love toys like this. they keep the kids engaged and full of creativity, and they never get tired of playing with them because they’re so bright and colorful.

  • Colleen

    Creative play is one of the most important kinds of play, in my opinion. It teaches kids how to use their imaginations and even problem solve. I love these.

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