Make Clean Up a Breeze with BOSCH

Well, to be honest, I am the type of person who prefers hand washing rather than using a dishwasher. But after giving birth to Josiah, I became so busy, and it came to a point where I don’t have much time to do all the cleaning. I need all the help I can get from smart appliances, and that is where I started loving the dishwasher. Dishwashers are very convenient and reliable, but it can be really loud at times. My only spare time is when Josiah is asleep, so doing household chores quietly is one of my masteries. I learn how to finish all task with little to almost no sound, just to make sure he’ll sleep longer.

BOSCH 100 dishwasherPIN IT!

That is the time where I decided that I should upgrade my dishwasher and look for the quietest dishwasher available in the market. After hours of researching and comparing reviews, I learned that the Bosch dishwasher is known as the quietest dishwasher brand here in the U.S.

Bosch dishwasher has 18 sound reducing technology that makes it so quiet; you won’t even notice it’s running unless you are going to check it out. It has an InfoLight in it, to provide you signal if it’s running or not. When it comes to reliability, Bosch dishwasher has the lowest repair rate according to a leading and trusted consumer publication, providing you lower cost maintenance and longer lifespan.

Bosch dishwasher has a variety of designs and different styles of door handles that will fit any kitchen. It has an additional 3rd rack that gives you 30% more loading area. It is also equipped with Adjustable Rackmatic™ rack that provides nine adjustable positions giving you maximum loading flexibility. As a result, using Bosch dishwasher will save you time and effort in washing the dishes.

My main reason before why I don’t use the dishwasher is because I don’t trust its cleaning efficiency. But with Bosch, I am confident that it washes the dishes thoroughly with its PrecisionWash intelligent wash system. It has sensors that will target every plate and utensils to make sure it is cleaned well. Bosch uses fingerprint-resistant stainless steel so cleaning your dishwasher is easy and will cost you lesser time.

BOSCH 100 dishwasherPIN IT!

With Bosch dishwasher, I can do the dishes while taking care of my baby hassle-free. I can run it, and then leave it, even when he’s sleeping without worrying about waking him up! Bosch is indeed a lifesaver to busy moms like me, and you can get yours too at Best Buy! Why waste your time in the kitchen, washing those piled dishes if you can leave it to Bosch!

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  • Alli Smith

    My dad is addicted to Consumer Reports magazine and this past issue listed the top dishwashers and Bosch scored number one! He told me all about it. Plus, it was cheaper than a lot of the dishwashers that received horrible scores. I had already decided that Bosch is the next dishwasher for me so this article came at the right time.

  • candy

    I have had dishwashers in the past and this is a really good brand. I wash dishes by hand now as we live in the country and are on a well.

  • Kristen Kirk

    I wish I had an automatic dishwasher. This sounds like a wonderful product. We’re moving next year and a dishwasher is a MUST for us.

  • Jeanette

    This is the dishwasher I want SO bad! Bosch is my favorite brand for appliances! I am hoping that I can get one of these soon. The dishwasher I have now is awful!

  • ALyssa from The Sparkly life

    We have a Bosch dishwasher and have been very happy with it. This one looks even better than ours though–haha! (Ours IS 11 years old though so that’s probably why. Works great though!)

  • Melissa Chapman

    That dishwasher looks great and silence is golden with a dishwasher. I used to wash by hand but love a good dishwasher and my next one should be Bosch

  • Gisele

    My dishwasher is fairly new but when it is time to get another one I will check the Bosch dishwasher out.

  • Tomi C

    I just bought a Bosch tankless water heater for our camper. They’re one of my fave appliance brands. ALWAYS reliable.

  • Adriana Lopez

    That Bosh washer is a cool gadget love the set up of the kitchen all looks so classy and nice. We are looking to remodeling out kitchen so this idea and recommendation comes handy thanks!

  • Arnab Majumdar

    This sounds like an amazing dishwasher. Never had to use on before, but i might go with this. Thanks for the detailed review.

  • Tara Pittman

    I have a Bosch and it is an awesome dishwasher. I like this new deluxe one over mine though.

  • Brittany Vantrease

    I don’t know what it is about me, but if I hand wash dishes, I might as well skip the shower because I ALWAYS get soaked. I love having a dishwasher, but sometimes my dishes don’t get as clean as like. This is a very interesting washer and I like that it has extra holders for lids and a flat surface for hard to wash utencils.

  • Amber Myers

    Good to know. I need a better dishwasher. The one I have is slowly dying. I’ll have to head to Best Buy!

  • Sarah Bailey

    We got a dishwasher for the first time earlier this year and hands up I have been so impressed with it – it has made such a difference as well. I couldn’t imagine not having one now.

  • Heather

    I had a Bosch dishwasher in my last house. I miss it so. It looks so very sleek and modern.

  • Nessy

    This looks like a neat appliance to have. We still wash the dishes manually in our home. But seeing this, maybe it’s time to switch.

  • Tabitha Blue

    I was always the same… I felt like I had to pre-wash everything anyway, so I might as well just wash it. This looks like an incredible dishwasher though, a big help in the kitchen!

  • Emily

    I love how simple and clean the dishwasher looks! Kitchens can be so cluttered so this will blend in so good. The fact that this is a quiet one is really great! Ours can be so loud at times, thanks for letting me know about this one.

  • Aditya

    This is the dishwasher, i would use it on my home. But unfortunately, our country is not up for dishwasher. but whenever it does, I will surely buy this one. Thanks for the review again.

  • Monidipa

    I have never used a dishwasher yet, well I live alone and I don’t have much dishes to wash, but this would be really helpful for those having big family and specially people like you who had their child recently.

  • Hannah Marie

    We don’t have dishwasher yet. That’s why I always hand wash. But this could be a life saver for me when I am busy with everything. Or, too tired to do the dishes. I will consider this one when i look for one.

  • stacey

    Okay, I’ll try this for a third time. I was very excited to see that you too enjoy your Bosch, it has been my favorite dishwasher because its so quiet. It made the perfect appliance for our open plan kitchen and living room.

  • Yonca

    My dishwasher is Bosch too. .It is my favorite brand for dishwasher. 18 sound reducing technology is awesome!

  • Vanessa Diaz

    This is the dishwasher of my dreams! I love Bosch and they make so many amazing appliances! I can’t wait to get one for my home one day.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I might consider this brand when we need a new dishwasher.

  • Terri Steffes

    Bosch is the maker of very fine appliances. I have had their dishwasher, and others, and I can tell you that they last forever.

  • Peter

    I have a Bosch now and it’s a fantastic machine. Albeit is an older model, I’d definitely replace it with a newer version.

  • Louisa

    I’ve always thought of Bosch as a fancier brand than others. Glad to hear that it also delivers on quality. A food for thought for when I get a place of my own.

  • The Beauty Flicks

    I used to wash my dishes by hand. But after reading your post, I think I have to give a chance to it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ruth I.

    Working at home is not an easy task. I have to juggle my chores and job. But with this, I won’t have to worry about the dishes anymore.

  • Terri Beavers

    Bosh is definitely on the top of the list of best products. I think we can all appreciate products that make our life easier.

  • Dalene Ekirapa

    I also prefer hand washing unless the dishes are just too much. Anyway, the dishwasher you got is so massive and I’m sure it gets the work done faster,right?

  • David Elliott

    It does look like a pretty great dishwasher. And I definitely need a new one in the house as it is pretty old. I will have to go to Best Buy and check it out.

  • Melissa

    That is a great looking dishwasher! I love the fingerprint resistant stainless because with little ones around they are always touching everything with dirty hands!! 🙂

  • Jeni Hawkins

    I literally just told my boyfriend last night that I need a new dishwasher. He said, “Then do some research and let me know which one you want.” HA! Now THIS is the one I want!

  • Stacie

    That is one sweet dishwasher! We’re in the process of looking for a new one, and I think I just found it. I love all the space it has.

  • Liz Mays

    Now this sounds like an upgrade. I would love to make dish cleanup easier with one of these.

  • Pam

    We have a Bosch dishwasher and love it. I got it after hearing only good things about Bosch.

  • Dawn Lopez

    This sounds like an amazing dishwasher. I can definitely get behind the sound reducing technology!

  • Claudia Krusch

    I love Bosh! They make such great appliances! Loved all your tips too!

  • Rachel

    MY dad got this brand of dishwasher and had great things to say about it. I am looking into it for the next dish washer.

  • Sarah

    Whoa now that’s a dishwasher! We have a big family, so getting something that cleans good and fairly quickly is top of my list.

  • Heather

    You don’t realize how noisy your house is until you have a baby. All the little noises that jostle a sleeping babe drive me nuts. This sounds like the best appliance for new parents.

  • Connie

    I absolutely love my Bosch dishwasher. You can hardly hear it when it is turned on. This is my second one, and I wouldn’t get any other brand.

  • kumamonjeng

    Bosch is such a reputable brand in the market. I have their washing machine but don’t own a dishwasher. It certainly do a good job if I get one, I would save some time too.

  • Stephanie Pass

    I’ve heard such great things about Bosch appliances. They always look so spectacular, but a little out of my price range.

  • Laurie Gannon

    That’s a gorgeous dishwasher! I love that it is quiet and has the ability to clean more dirty dishes. One of my biggest pet peeves I have with a dishwasher is the amount of washing I have to do before loading the dishes!

  • Olga Zak

    This dishwasher sounds very helpful. My dishwasher is out of date. I will surely try this one.

  • Krystel | Travel on a Budget

    Loving it! I need this in my life. My dishwasher is done right now.

  • angie

    love how it looks so sleek sounds like it would be a great piece in any kitchen

  • Brittany Vantrease

    This dishwasher is really cool. I love all of the extra storage area it has and it’s great that it’s so quiet, too. I can hear the dishwasher I have when I’m on the second floor of my house.

  • Wanda Lopez

    Great post. We have a very old dishwasher that makes so much noise. I’ve been looking around for a replacement and Bosch seems like a great brand to look into.

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    I find Bosch to be such a fantastic brand .That dishwasher looks like such a great addition to your house. I love that it has sound reducing technology, it can be so frustrating when your appliances are so noisy.

  • Ale

    Love love love all Bosch appliances. They are slick, stylish, efficient… I wish I could have more. I’m considering them when my household appliances need replacement.

  • Vanessa Delia

    I really need to get a new dishwasher. We got a piece of ceramic stuck in our current one.

  • alison netzer

    We have bosch and we love it. Yes for bosch and good review.

  • Kristy Bullard

    I needed this!! Our dishwasher decided to die this weekend and we are in the market for a new one. My husband wants to get a Bosch because he says they are quieter than other dishwashers. Thanks so much for the information!


    Bosch actually is a rather amazing brand. Most my equipment are by them including the dishwasher. Amazingly quite and works like a perfectionist.

  • Toughcookiemommy

    Having a great dishwasher like this one is perfect for busy working moms.. After all, who has time to do dishes nowadays?

  • Sarah

    Been hearing great things about this dishwasher! Dont how you used to wash the dishes by hand

  • Laurie @

    That is one good looking dishwasher! I love the stainless steel. So sleek and sharp. We are due for some new appliances and I am going to look more into Bosch.

  • Echo

    I could definitely use some sound reducing technology in my house, LOL!

  • Becca Wilson

    I totally wish that we had a dishwasher. It would make my life so much easier!

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Bosch! It sounds like the perfect appliance!

  • Jessica Terry

    I absolutely love my new Bosch dishwasher. I got an amazing deal on it and it was the best money I have spent in a long time. Being a single mom of 5 kids doing dishes is my worst chore and my Bosch makes it easy and painless and my dishes are so clean now!

  • Garf

    Me too, I prefer hand washing but with the busy schedules, I now wish to have a dishwasher.

  • Caroline

    This looks like a great dishwasher – I’ll have to check it out as mine is so old!

  • Princess Quinn

    I love how elegant this looks. It will so amazing to have this Bosch dishwasher in my kitchen.

  • Aduke Schulist

    I want a dish washer so bad.. Mostly to free up some counter space and get my dirty dishes out of sight during the day. I don’t mind washing by hand though.

  • Terri Beavers

    Looks like a great appliance to have. I would love to purchase one when our current one goes out. I know it’s on its last leg, so shouldn’t be too long

  • LavandaMichelLe

    This is a great review. I have this dishwasher and I love it.

  • LavandaMichelLe

    Thanks, This is a great review. I have this dishwasher and I love it.

  • Waren Jean Go

    I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this dishwasher, just in time when we are about to get a new one!

  • Elle

    I love that the dishwasher has a top third rack. Everything looks very contemporary and stylish.

  • Miisha Bangiya

    Have been using this for more than a month now. Dishes come out sparkling clean.