Get Crafty with Michael Dark

Ever since we moved in to our new home, I just can’t seem to stop checking out home decorating magazines as well as arts & crafts ideas across the web. I suppose that’s the family woman talking … because for as long as I can remember I was definitely into house decorating, just not in real life. I was totally engrossed in developing my Barbie’s house and playing pretend – now I get to do it all just without the pretending. Decorating helps me relieve stress (in more ways that you can imagine) as I love coming home to a beautiful and well placed house décor.

Sure, as a practical housewife it can be challenging to make your new home look inviting especially after buying a house. Let’s be honest, budget is definitely a factor for most of us and guess what? The answer is pretty simple … accents! What about them? If you can’t buy them, make ‘em! Seriously though, as long as you know where to shop you’d easily find things that would work with your budget and brighten up your home – like Michael Dark, the South Wests most trusted supplier of floral goods and flowers since 1988.

Personally I love all types of décor, but taking into consideration the “theme” I am going for … I can’t just have different styles as it will end up clashing with each other. If you’re into modern design, vases & fishbowls is the best choice along with some artificial flowers.

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When it comes to a more rustic feel, I suggest hanging lantern, tinware or metallic tin pitcher … and once again, with artificial / faux flowers – same look and feel minus the wilting.

Michael DarkPIN IT!

With the right accents, your home will brighten up and look well decorated. In fact, if you have friends who recently moved in to their new (dream) home you can choose floristry products, glassware and crafts as a welcome gift …. best believe you can’t go wrong with those. If you have ideas or even questions feel free to share, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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