How is Infusible Ink different from heat-transfer vinyl or iron-on? + BONUS TIPS

Cricut Infusible Ink will change your life! For all of you Cricut fans out there, this is something that blew my mind! I love this new option for use with my Cricut craft projects and am excited to tell you everything you need to know about this option.

What is infusible ink made of?
Cricut infusible ink is essentially an iron-on ink. The process is much similar to iron-on vinyl, but the infusible ink is transferred into the fabric, not onto the fabric. With the name infusible ink, one would assume that it’s infused into the fabric, and that is very true. The infusible ink for your Cricut projects will essential dye the material that you’re working with. This process occurs when the heat is placed over the infusible ink design that you’ve created using Cricut Design Space.

What can I use Cricut infusible ink on?
You’ll notice that the infusible ink comes on sheets of solid ink. These sheets of infusible ink include solid colors or pattern options to use for your next Cricut creation. You’ll notice that your Cricut infusible ink sheets look like iron-on vinyl, but the sheets are a little thicker overall. Infusible inks will work with any compatible material, it’s best to read the package to make certain you’re purchasing the right Cricut infusible ink options for your Cricut crafts.

What do I need to get started with Infusible Ink?
If you’re thinking about using Cricut infusible ink for the first time then continue reading to learn what you’ll need to get started with infusible ink Cricut crafts.

Infusible Ink Sheets

You’ll first need to purchase your choice of Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. While these sheets will look lighter in color to you, don’t worry! The infusible ink will darken or become brighter during transfer.

Cricut Infusible Ink Markers and Pens

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have some Cricut infusible ink markers and pens on hand. These are perfect to use with Design Space in your Cricut machine or draw your own design by hand. You can draw on laser paper and easily transfer your Cricut infusible ink markers and pens design onto a compatible infusible ink blank. More on ink blanks below.

Cricut Infusible Ink Compatible Blanks

Cricut is slowly rolling out new infusible ink compatible blanks but for now, you can choose from the following options:

  • Men or Women T-Shirt
  • Baby Bodysuit
  • Tote Bag
  • Square Cork Coasters and Ceramic Round Coasters

You’ll simply want to look at your Cricut blank for the Infusible Link logo to ensure the Cricut blanks will be compatible with your infusible ink.

cricut infusible inkPIN IT!

Get Compatible Cricut Machine

You can use the Cricut Explore Machine or Cricut Maker as both are compatible options to cut the Infusible ink cartridges. Make sure you have a heat press or the EasyPress 2. Both are viable options to transfer your infusible ink onto your material.

Now that you know all there is about using the new Infusible Ink from Cricut, it’s time to take a peek at some of the Cricut crafts I’ve featured and start working on a new Cricut craft project today!

Don’t forget to buy your Cricut Explore Machine and EasyPress 2, if you don’t already have these two products to start creating beautiful Infusible Ink projects today.


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    Sounds like a lot of fun x

  • Anna

    Oh, I had NO IDEA that there are infusible inks for the Cricut! I’m looking to upgrade my old cutting machine, because mine is almost 7 years old and it’s been heavily used during that time. It looks like the Cricut would be my best option! I wonder how much of a learning curve it is to go from a Silhouette to a Cricut machine?

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    This sounds like a much better method of creating your own tshirts. I don’t like the vinyl method, the texture is not great and after a few washes it starts to crack.

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