Get Started Crafting with Cricut Joy + Quick “No Computer” Matless Project!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m so excited to share an easy way to get started with Cricut. The Cricut Joy machine is making it easier than ever for the average person, who’s not so crafty, to start creating their crafty things at home. For those who have kids and teens, this machine is also a great way to keep them entertained, engaged, while creating crafts, and personalizing their things. Today I’m sharing more about the Cricut Joy so that you, too, can figure out how this adorable crafting machine will add value to your life. To make things easier, I am also going to share a “Matless” craft without having to use a computer later on in this post!

First things first, let me share the basics.

About Cricut Joy
Cricut Joy is the smallest smart cutting machine ever! Not only is this adorable Cricut perfect for those who may be too intimidated by the larger machines, but it is also a great compliment to the bigger ones if you already own the Maker or Explore. An immediate take away for the Cricut Joy is that it can craft a 10-foot by 20-foot vinyl (it has a maximum cutting width of 4.5” and a maximum cutting length of 20’)! A spectacular feature that literally made my jaw dropped upon discovering it.

So that you know, this machine has a small footprint and is lower in cost than other Cricut machines. But don’t be fooled! Just because it is affordable, doesn’t make it any less than the other Cricut machines. It’s price tag just makes it the best cutting machine for families on a budget. Now anyone and everyone can make their t-shirts, home decor, and more using Cricut Joy.

While you’ll still have a LITTLE learning curve when you start using Cricut Joy, it’s so much easier for people who want to craft but don’t have a sizeable at-home crafting space. The Cricut Joy measures 8”x4”x4” in size. This small cutting machine is so lightweight and compact that you can fit it even in a minimal area.

Cricut created the Cricut Joy with crafting dabblers in mind. It’s a perfect fit for the people who want to make some crafts but don’t necessarily want to earn a living doing it. Think along the lines of personalizing things with your family or kids, organizing your home, decorating items or gifts, etc.

cricut joyPIN IT!

Features of the Cricut Joy
The Cricut Joy can only cut and draw. While this may sound limiting, for the crafting “dabblers” out there, it’s the perfect feature to have some fun crafting. There are three parts of the Cricut Joy that you’ll need to get familiar with, the lid, the clamp that swivels open and close, as well as the tool housing, which is where the blades or markers go.

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The highlight for us is that you can use the Cricut Joy WITHOUT any mat, no additional cord to connect to a computer (just the power cord), and most of all, you can craft with JUST your mobile device!

Getting Started
You’ll connect Cricut Joy via BlueTooth to Design Space. Design Space is where you do all the creating for your crafting with any Cricut machine. Design Space can be accessed using PC, Mac, iOS, and Android Devices.

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Though it may sound a bit scary for newcomers, it doesn’t take long to learn how to use Design Space. So have no fear! It’s essentially a photo editing or manipulation type program, and there are many tutorials to walk you through the use of Design Space for crafting with Cricut Joy.

You can make many different projects with Cricut Joy, again only projects that require cutting or drawing. I love the idea of making greeting cards with the Cricut Joy as it’s a fun way to use a new font and style your greeting cards however you desire. You can even use the draw feature to create signs, labels, and so much more!

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Now that you have read some brief introduction about the Cricut Joy let’s move on to the “Matless” and “No Computer” needed craft! I simply paired my phone’s Bluetooth to the Cricut Joy then launched the Design Space app. Now that my device and machine is ready, I had to pick out my very first craft. Upon starting, it prompted me to do a “test” cut. I chose the crown image and used the provided smart vinyl sample, which came with the Cricut Joy. After finishing, I realized there’s still enough space at the bottom, so I turned it around and used the remaining space to add my husband’s name. It took me less than a minute to find a font he would like (Old English), and then type out “DEREK” and click the create/make button.

Test Cut with Cricut Joy

cricut joy craftPIN IT!

It surely was a good practice cut. It was super easy. Seemless. It immediately gave me an idea of what my first Cricut Joy creation will be. A split monogram name label! My son has a water tumbler that he uses in school, which requires a “name label” so they don’t get confused with someone else’s. The name label I have is “too small” and have a small chipped corner. It’s about time to replace it with something bigger, better, and bolder!

cricut joy labelPIN IT!

cricut joy labelPIN IT!

Then I showed my son some choices that were available in the Design Space image section. He picked out the one with swirls, and in just a few taps, we were on our way to having a custom label for his tumbler.

Quick “No Computer” Matless Split Monogram Label!

cricut joy labelPIN IT!

cricut joy labelPIN IT!

Ready for the big reveal? Here is the final look! It looked fantastic. It’s like I ordered it from an actual shop that personalized things! You, too, can make your customized tumblers, flask, and a whole lot more!

cricut joy tumblerPIN IT!

Wondering about the test cut I mentioned earlier? I have used the crown image with my husband’s name on his flask. Check it out below …

cricut joy flaskPIN IT!

cricut joy matless cuttingPIN IT!

The Cricut Joy is about $180 and can give your family an adorable little cutting machine that fits nicely in any size home and will give you and your family hours of crafting fun!


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