Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror & Tweezer

As a beauty blogger, having a reliable makeup brush is essential. Sure, some of us can make do by using beauty sponge or our own fingers but one way or another there are certain looks that can only be achieved with the proper makeup tools.

As a partnered blogger of iFabbo, I have yet another feature / review to share … Crown Brush! The iFabbo team sent me Set 523 – Purple HD Set with Mirror and Tweezer (6 piece cosmetic brush set) the color is lighter than a typical purple shade and is closer to a lavender shade. Click here “” to check out the other colors they have. The brushes were carefully encased in leather like case with the word “Crown” etched on the cover case. First impression, it is very chic! The case runs flat so you can easily fit into any handbags or medium sized satchels.

Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror & TweezerPIN IT!

Quick Overview on Crown Brush’s Quality

The brushes were made of high grade synthetic fiber that is very soft to touch. What I totally love about Crown Brushes is the fact that it is vegan friendly and very gentle to the skin. Personally, I have had my fair share of testing out different brushes from different brands. Most of these brushes run from okay to average and my experience with Crown’s exceeded my expectation. I would highly recommend this product to all my friends and readers.

Crown Brushes ReviewPIN IT!

Crown Brushes ReviewPIN IT!

Crown Brushes Review iFabboPIN IT!

Crown Brushes Review iFabboPIN IT!

The overall look of this product would align this brush with well known high-end brands. Truth be told, the color played a big role capturing my attention. The brushes looks absolutely fabulous with its white synthetic fiber dipped in a lavender shade. I love edgy looking products. Seriously speaking, who wouldn’t want to flaunt a product that would make people wonder what brand or product you are using? Without a doubt, the answer to that would be no one.

Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror & TweezerPIN IT!

This lovely Crown Brush setis available in for only $27.95 and its original retail price is $69.99 which saves shoppers a whopping 60% or $42.04 to be exact.

Don’t miss it! xox

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  • Zuri

    Love those brushes!

  • Ness Mercader

    I’ve been looking into replacing my brush set and those brushes looks absolutely gorgeous! I totally love the purple tips too.

  • Jen Smeriglio


  • Justin

    I’ll buy this for my wife. Thank you for your review.

  • Didi Lanz

    Does the synthetic fiber feel plastic like?

  • Suzette Balucanag

    Those brushes looks really nice!

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    I need those brushes in my collection!

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    I will check out those brushes right away! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Sherwin Magayanes

    I’m going to recommend this to my sister. I’m sure she will enjoy reading your post.

  • Jenn -

    You mentioned the brushes are very soft but I wonder do they sometimes prick your face? I had those instances on my other brushes.

  • Marites H. Anselmo

    Great review!

  • Belle Lopez

    I could use a new set of brushes. Those brushes will be added on my soon to buy list.

  • Rhea Liza Muñoz

    Thank you for this detailed review. Will check them out for sure.

  • Patty | MrsC

    I love all of your reviews! WIll look forward to your next one.

  • Clint Odeza

    I’m a guy and not very good at buying girl items. Would you recommend this as a gift for birthdays?

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    Those brushes looks perfect!

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    Do the brushes shred?