#Cube: A Living Canvas for your Instagram Photos


Through Tomoson I managed to snag this innovative product called #Cube. I’ve anxiously await for this products arrival knowing already what’s in store for me. The #Cube is a wireless living photo canvas that showcases your favorite photo and video stream . Yes, now I can display my uploaded snaps on instagram and display it as an interactive photo frame / album.

Finally liberated from your smart devices, #CubeTM automatically shares the candids of your friends, family, and favorite people to you throughout the day. Photos are streamed in real-time on a display that’s three times the size of the average smart phone display.

Comes in 3 different colors, the #Cube Classic, #Cube White and #Cube Black – all of which retails for $149! I prefer the look of the #Cube Classic as its design resembles the instagram logo / look and it would look really cute to display. Nonetheless all the design is very well made and having the chance to own the #Cube White is definitely a steal.

Konnect Labs #Cube

Konnect Labs #Cube

Our generation relies heavily on technology and our lives revolve around posting pictures across our social networks. The #Cube is an extremely easy-to-use device and the feed can customized with hashtag, popularity, liked library, username or the user’s personal feed. Comes with a dedicated “favorite” button on top (in the shape of heart) making it fun and easier to share some love. There’s also a “grid” button for Carousel and Live Feed display. The LCD display is touch screen and is 8″ tall and 8″ wide.

Logging on Instagram

Konnect Labs #Cube


The device is rechargeable and can operate wirelessly – my favorite option! Also, users can pinch on the screen for a 4×4 image tile view display or swipe to view extra details about the photo.

Konnect Labs #Cube

To top it all the #Cube gets improvements through free wireless software updates that enables new features & application support. For more details check out #Cube’s Specs Page.

Check out my snap below as to how my #Cube White looks like on display …

Cube at its Finest!


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