An Open Letter to the Public After the Dallas Shooting

Friday, 2:19am

To Whom it May Concern,

4 officers have died out of 10 that was shot … who are we to claim what is right? Who are we to choose whose life doesn’t matter. Yes, there is discrimination everywhere and yes lives were taken, but we should not base our action from a a couple of snippets of what we see on the media.

This is all from my point of view as someone who utilizes social media on a daily basis … we make “certain” news relevant. Racism and discrimination is everywhere — it is HAPPENING all over the world but we can’t … and I repeat, we CAN’T take matter into our own hands just because we saw a footage online that only shows a fraction of the situation. I AM NOT taking sides but please, if we start dishonoring cops and the system, what happens to the rest who follows it and actually do things by the book? Who else gets hurt? The rest who are innocent with loved ones who gets left behind with even more pain, anguish and hate! Can we all say that the cops that was shot at on this incident were guilty? Do we have proof that they also did something wrong to deserve to be shot at by this sniper? No? Then, we need to stop blaming each other. I am not saying no one is guilty. Someone is but we can’t just start killing each other. Ever since social media took the world by storm with its “live updates” what we see isn’t the whole story but just a portion that some of us are guilty of turning into “viral stories” that enrages people who can’t control their pain, anger and anguish. In turn some becomes violent and causes more problem because their action causes a chain reaction of retaliation. The MEDIA and the SOCIETY is making a certain NORM for our generation — which all has to stop. EVERY LIFE MATTERS! That’s all there is to it. Stop the hate, stop the instant killings, and keep those trigger happy fingers away from any firearm if you’re not sure how your feelings and reaction will play out.

IMG_3679PIN IT!I’m a woman who is proud to be married to an African American soldier who at one point considered becoming a cop afterwards … is this the kind of society I would want for him to be working on? No. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. How can I bear every single day wondering if my husband will end up getting shot at like these 10 cops? What more for those people who are actually related to those 4 officers who just died? How would they feel getting the news that their loved ones got killed while on duty trying to keep the protest in order? Devastated and horrified are simply an understatement. No words can describe how they feel. Now for the fact that my husband is also African American, how do I feel being out on the public, driving around or simply minding our own business as a civilian – scared! Because we have officers as well who are influenced by the media that “black life now equals to being violent and should be feared for” – when they shouldn’t! The media and the society made all of this happen. We made it seem like if we see someone who is African American/Black the rest should assume that they are armed, dangerous and they will kill if you don’t kill them first — who are we to assume this???

We played a part on all of this. I always tell my husband that the media, the society and all the rest of us — we make things relevant because we decided to. Don’t agree? How come we were able to get the “Shooting of Trayvon Martin” viral and there’s not much buzz going around for the “Shooting of Oscar Grant” at the fruitvale station?

How can I even picture raising beautiful African American children when we have people putting the law into their own hands? What would I not do if those that got shot at just now are one of my own? Break this norm that we live in now. Make everyone know that the world we live in now is not broken and that there is still hope to raise kids without having to keep one eye open every passing night.

Excuse the long and lengthy note but the past few disturbing news is starting to get to me. This is one of the many reasons why I try to avoid catching up with the news, I said my piece, laid out my case, shared my opinion to make peace with my mind … what’s yours?