Designer Hacks – Ingenious Ways to Recreate Your Home

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Maintaining a home is hard but re-organizing can be harder especially if you don’t have the budget and right materials. It’s easy to think of ways how to do it, but it is hard to bring the idea to life. Good thing, I discovered CORT Furniture, who offers furniture rentals with huge discounts and sales. And because of that, redecorating our home is much easier and straightforward! On this post, I am sharing my top tips on how to recreate your house, and turn it into an inviting home.

1. Mix and match your chairs.
Do you feel as though your home can use a little upgrade or update? To give it a new look without having to do a significant change you can start with chairs. Don’t be afraid of mixing things up because stepping out on your comfort zone is what will make your abode stand out. Don’t settle for regular comfy chairs that you can buy at the local store; you can do more than that. CORT furniture has a wide variety of furniture such as love seats, chaise, glider, recliner chair, and so much more that you can choose from. They are all unique; all you have to do is pick one that will suit your taste.

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2. Have fun with the built-ins, brighten them up!
Built-ins are often hidden, but these “useful” areas don’t need to be boring. The back of the shelves still plays a big role in keeping everything organized and in place. This is the perfect time to give it life. Spice this area up by choosing bright colors to add contrast from the main shade of your cabinets. It can make a huge difference.

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3. Level up your windows.
Windows tend to be plain, but you have the choice to kick it up a notch. If you have a thing for wallpapers, well let’s put that to use! Who says wallpaper is meant for walls only? They can be beautiful on windows too! Not your cup of tea? No problem! You can give your window an update by adding a new trim.


4. Don’t settle for outdated beddings.
One of the most significant factors in a bedroom is the beddings. You have to choose without compromising comfortability or design carefully. It has to be the perfect balance of both. Some people own just a few linens and think it is more than enough. I personally feel that I can’t have more than enough. Except I’d run out of closet space to stash them away. Here’s the low down, changing beddings is an excellent way to freshen up your bedroom. No budget? No worries, you don’t have to buy them. You can rent them. And by renting, that means you can now have different beddings as much as you want! CORT furniture offers bedroom essentials by the piece. My personal favorite? The “Hotel Collection”. It’s like I’m always on vacation at the comforts of our own home.

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5. Rearrange things to achieve different vibes.
If you want to change the setting of your room, you can re-arrange pieces in your home to achieve a different vibe. Like for example, you can replace a piece of furniture that once had been the highlight of your room. The old chaise that was sitting in the corner, time to swap it with an accent table. In that case, the attention will go to that piece instead.

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6. Flaunt your antiques.
If you have antiques stashed away somewhere, it is time to bring these pieces out from its hiding place. With these addition, you can expect your home to look for upscale and elegant. Flaunt it and make it the focal point of the room. It drives attention because why not? People love antiques. If you don’t own one, you can rent at CORT furniture at a lesser cost rather than buying it.

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7. Make your room look lighter by painting it white.
You can never go wrong with white. If you’re considering to make your room look brighter and lighter, you can paint things white. Besides, white gives anything that fresher look, and it is more relaxing to the eyes. If you have an old table and chair? Paint them white, and you’ll have a brand new set.

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8. Display a collection.
Are you a collector? If so then definitely get those collections on display! I mean, what is the sense of buying a beautiful collection if they are stored and locked away? Who will appreciate its beauty? Then get yourself a display stand that will beautifully showcase your collection and attract the attention it deserves.

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9. Paint half of the wall.
Have you ever thought of having an accent wall? This means one wall of your house is painted in a different bright shade. How about painting the wall half? Lesser time, lesser effort, and lesser paint needed. Aside from that, it can create a stylish, modern, and an artsy look.

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10. Rent a Furniture Set.
In case, your home needs a makeover and redecorating isn’t your thing … worry no more! WOW everyone by making your home look like it was pieced together by a professional decorator and interior designer! How? The answer is much more straightforward than you think. Rent it out from CORT Furniture. They have showrooms available to see the pieces in person or choose your preferred set through their online website.

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Recreating your home doesn’t need to be expensive nor laborious. You don’t need to shell out your hard earned money left and right to achieve the look of your dream home. Often times, it all comes down to finding the right resource. Make sure to check out CORT Blog for ideas and inspiration, I swear you’ll love the tips and informative articles over there.

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