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As a mom who is about to have a one-year-old, I am filled with mixed emotions, one of them being excitement about partnering with Baby Dove for this post. From the long days, short nights, then the long nights, and the crazy-yet-beautiful short days … and now THIS! I still feel like I just welcomed our son, so I am in somewhat disbelief that it’s been almost a year to date. One thing I do know is that there were days that felt like a blur, but during his milestones, leaps, and monthly celebrations – this mama was surely on point!

That’s one thing I want Josiah King to realize, that he has parents and family who care about him very much. That even the smallest achievement is worth celebrating, and that he should never feel alone or underappreciated. So during the tough times, he will always remember that there will always be someone he can count on. I’m no helicopter mom, but I do admit that I try my best to stay on top of everything. I honestly believe a baby can’t be spoiled enough with loving and caring. I kiss him plenty and tell him how much I love him even if he doesn’t really know what those 3 magical words mean just yet.

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Aside from his birthday celebration, gift-giving season is just around the corner, and we already have relatives and friends asking what gift to get our son. Here’s the thing which pretty much applies to all babies: picking out a present can be a little bit tricky because you have no idea what one really needs. For the most part, it is to be expected that the parents would most likely have the baby gear or products already, and no one really needs something that they already have, for example, a walker, or a crib, or even a bottle maybe. On top of that, if you are going to provide them with a skin care product, you have to be hyper-aware and be considerate about what they really need. Will they use it in the future or will it just be another stock in their closet? Opting for a generic gift like toys, pillows, or clothes is a good idea, but it’s a bit overrated too. Which is why if you want to be unique, but at the same time you want something they can actually use on a daily basis, I always recommend a “gift basket” filled with an assortment that caters to what every parent and baby might need.

Ready to create the most awesome present ever? By following this simple guide, you can create the perfect go-to gift for all occasions! Finally, right? No more fussing or wondering for every baby shower, baptism, or even birthdays and holidays. Let’s get started!

How To Make a Special Baby Gift Basket For All Occasions
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1. The highlight of the present.
I personally prefer baby care products. If you’re wondering why the answer is simple. All babies take baths. With diapers, you can end up with the wrong size. So for those of you who are leaning towards a bath time themed basket, I highly recommend my all-time favorite baby bath products from the well-known brand Baby Dove. If you have read my previous post, you know we really love using their products for Josiah’s bath needs, especially because of the fact that their cleansers and lotions are made with 100% skin-natural nutrients! Let’s not forget that it is ultra-gentle, too, making it perfect for delicate baby skin. Their baby bath products contain those nutrients that are 100% identical to what is in our skin, and that full range works to go beyond mildness to replenish necessary moisture and skin-natural nutrients in baby’s skin.

Our go-to from their products are:

• Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion
• Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash
• Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar

2. Reusable container.
Instead of using a traditional box wrapped with a nicely done ribbon, or a paper bag that doesn’t really serve a lot of purposes after, why not go with a container that can be used again by the recipient. Majority of the time people choose a basket to creatively put all their gifts, but let’s be honest, it is a little bit old news nowadays. A baby tub is an excellent option because they can use it all over again during bath time. If you are feeling generous, a baby car or truck is an excellent idea too. Just choose the right color to fit the baby gender then include the rest of the gift inside the vehicle.

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baby dovePIN IT!

3. Accessories and fillers.
Instead of using other craft materials to fill the gift basket like ribbons, tissue, and colored papers, think of something else they can use, so there’s no room for unnecessary things. Since I always suggest baby bath essentials, I often complete ours by filling it up with baby bath towels, bath toys, washcloths, sponge, and other baby bath items that they can use.

4. Gift for the Parents.
We tend to give gifts only for the baby but considering adding a small gift for the mommy and daddy is an excellent idea too. They also need to feel loved and extra special. Since I recommended Baby Dove products for the baby, you can add some Dove products for the parents too. Want to feel like a rebel? Maybe go for their favorite drink instead … like coffee or wine. I don’t drink wine, but hey, I know a few of my friends do. Guess what? They truly love it too!

5. Card.
Yes, putting up a card is classic, but this way, you can extend and express some thoughtful notes for them. It will be also helpful for them to identify who the gift came from so they can easily remember and thank you for it. If you are already a parent, it would also be nice to put up some inspirational advice, or your favorite parenting quotes to cheer them up. After all … Mom and Dads can use some inspirational thought or reminder every now and then.

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Honestly, I never get tired of cards or thoughtful notes and letters … what got me through the long days and my bouts of anxiety if I am doing enough or whether I am being a good enough mom and wife were the messages and reminders from my loved ones. There’s no perfect way to parent kids, but we all feel the pressure of being one because social media and society deemed it in a certain way. Forget the messy home, forget the clutter in the kitchen or bedroom. It’s NORMAL, and it’s absolutely OKAY! Enjoy every moment, because the little ones are only little for such a short time. Embrace what is real.

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Now that we’ve wrapped it all up, I really hope this helps you create a wonderful gift for those who are celebrating their baby shower, christening, first birthday, or any occasion that includes baby, mommy, and even daddy!


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