Tasty Treat for the Little One — Teddy Bear Toast

Do you have a little one? If you’re like me, you’re wondering of ways to serve meals that are easy to make, savory (so your kiddo would naturally be interested in it), and a big BONUS if it is healthy too! I’ll be honest, it isn’t easy to find the time to juggle everything especially when you’re a full-time hands-on mom. So I made sure to share this awesome tasty treat that our son truly loves — Teddy Bear Toast!

This was super straight forward to create, no special skills or tools needed. Mind you, this is great for the teddy bear lover in your household. If you’re a kid at heart and personally loves bears, then you can enjoy this too! I personally love munching on this with Josiah while watching a few educational shows.

Ready to create this adorable bear toast? Let’s proceed …

• Wheat or Rye Bread
• Peanut Butter
• Banana
• Blueberries

What You Will Need

Easy Toddler Meal IdeasPIN IT!

1. Grab your banana and peel the skin. Slice the banana to medium thickness.

Teddy Bear ToastPIN IT!

2. Next take a slice of toast or plain wheat bread and carefully spread a layer of peanut butter.

Teddy Bear ToastPIN IT!

3. Then carefully take two banana slices and position in the upper section of the bread to create the bear ears! It doesn’t need to be perfect or super even. Then take one more banana slice and position in the center of the bread to make a cute bear nose.

Teddy Bear ToastPIN IT!

4. Now grab two pieces of blueberries and place one on each upper side of the teddy bear’s nose to create the bear eyes. Up next, slowly place another blueberry on the top of the banana slice placed in the center to create the teddy bear nose.

Cute Teddy Bear ToastPIN IT!

Cute Teddy Bear ToastPIN IT!

5. That’s it … SURPRISEEEE!!!! You are officially done. You now have a super cute and totally adorable Teddy Bear Toast!!! The perfect treat for your sweet toddler(s), older kids or even for YOURSELF.

Easy Teddy Bear ToastPIN IT!

Easy Teddy Bear ToastPIN IT!

5. Serve and Enjoy!!!

Teddy Bear ToastPIN IT!

Obviously, this was super quick and didn’t need a lot of time to make. I personally love serving a meal that wins our busy toddlers’ attention. I consider that a WIN in my parenting book. BONUS points too for having the extra time to spend with your precious bundle of joy. Let me know what you think!


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