Have Luscious Skin With Ellovi Body Butter

With all the pollution that we encounter on a daily basis, our skin gets dry and damaged. These days, there actually lots of products that can help us to moisturize and hydrate the skin. To tell you the truth, my skin has been battered lately. Due to long time of sunbathing and walking under the sun, I feel like my skin looks old and dry. I received a product just recently that addresses this kind of problem. At first, I was doubtful since not all products work effectively in combating dryness. The product I am featuring today however, made me a believer.

ellovi body butterPIN IT!

The product that I am referring to is the Ellovi Body Butter. According to the founder of Ellovi, they believe that we should supply our skin with the most nutritional and pure ingredients in the world. That is why they created this butter —solely for that reason.

Ellovi body butter is made using the five pure and raw ingredients that are grown naturally in the world. Such ingredients include hemp seed (antioxidant-rich), macadamia nut (with fatty acids), coconut (with amino acids, proteins and vitamins), Marula nut (popular as anti-aging agent), shea (with healing powers). Plus, the butter does not contain any water, making it highly concentrated. For that reason, it will not just evaporate like other moisturizers would do in due time.

ellovi butter natural body moisturiserPIN IT!

ellovi butter natural body moisturiserPIN IT!

I love how this body butter makes my skin soft, supple and moisturized. The best thing I have noticed about this product is the fact that it stays on for a long period of time. It is not like other products which automatically washes away the effects once you wash your hands or take a bath. Not only that, it does not leave my skin feeling greasy which is a big plus point for me! It easily moisturizes some of the dry patches in my skin. At one point, I have also tried to use this Ellovi butter to hydrate my face and did an amazing job without breaking me out! The butter may be quite pricey but it is definitely worth it!

Ellovi butter is available in a cream jar that retails for 26 USD.

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