Unforgettable Gift Ideas for the Special Dads and Grads in Your Life!

Father’s Day as well as Graduation is fast approaching; do you already have a gift? Well if you’re still on the market, lucky you. I just might have the perfect gift ideas to help you decide what to give for this special occasion! The following are a list of exciting things to surprise the special dad and grads in your life. Check out the following products that will surely bring a smile on his face!

Ticket to 119th U.S. Open Championship

Ticket to 119th U.S. Open ChampionshipPIN IT!

If he is a fan of golf, I am sure a ticket to a golf tourney is a brilliant idea. Tickets for next year’s U.S. Open Golf Championship are already available, and you can order tickets online! The championship will take place at Pebble Beach, California on June 13-16, 2019. He’ll get to enjoy watching professional and prominent golfers around the world as they compete for the title. My husband loves to golf and to give him a ticket to the championship is something he’ll surely appreciate. It’s a great bonding experience too!

Get your 119th U.S. Open Championship tickets here » http://www.usga.org/2019usopen (link will be live on June 11th 2018)

MyHeritage DNA test kit

MyHeritage DNA test kitPIN IT!

Looking for a gift that speaks for itself? Something different from the norm and stands out from the rest? I highly recommend MyHeritage DNA testing kit, it honestly could be the best and most unique gift you can choose for your dad or grad. I mean, let’s be honest who wouldn’t be intrigued with the idea of knowing about their ethnic origins, history, roots, and possibly reconnect with family you don’t even know you’re related to! I honestly think that is absolutely exciting! Plus the fact that hubby approves of this idea. That’s right, he already tested! He should receive his test result around Father’s Day and can’t wait to find out.

So how does it work? You order the kit online, then they deliver it to you. Follow the instructions in the kit and ship it back to them. Less than a minute and you are done! The results will come out around 4-6 weeks. This is definitely a unique gift, and I am sure the special dad and or grad in your life would be happy to know his origins. When you’re ready to order, they just started a sale which you don’t want to miss! Kits are only $59 until June 17th.

Get your DNA testing kit » http://bit.ly/MyHeritageBBxx and use the promo code ❝ BABBLEBOXX1 ❞ to get free shipping.

Hanes Crewneck Undershirt and Boxer Briefs

Hanes Crewneck Undershirt and Boxer BriefsPIN IT!

If you want to go classic, a shirt and a boxer brief will make an excellent choice. Yes, it is common, but at least it’s something he can use every day, right? If we are talking about clothing, you could never go wrong with Hanes. Instead of giving a plain shirt, go for Hanes Ultimate Men’s Comfort Fit Crewneck Undershirt. It is super comfortable to use and can last all day long. For boxer briefs, Hanes Ultimate Men’s Comfort Flex Fit® Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs are perfect. It has advanced odor protection technology that fights bacteria and has a stretchable fabric that gives extra comfort.

Hubby swears by his. Not only does he love wearing these for his daily activities, he sleeps with them too!

Get the Crew-Neck (UFT1W4) Hanes Ultimate Men’s Comfort Fit White Crewneck Undershirt » http://bit.ly/2sdonOT

Get the Boxer Brief (UFBBB4) Hanes Ultimate Men’s Comfort Flex Fit® Ultra Soft Boxer Briefs here » http://bit.ly/2KRPpDi

Men’s Tie – Jules Tie from Ties.com

Jules Tie from Ties.comPIN IT!

Another classic gift is a men’s tie. For my husband, I want it unique, so the best choice is the blue Jules Tie from Ties.com. I want it blue because it is professional looking and it is his favorite color too! Ties.com has plenty of designs you can choose from. They have special discounts in celebration of Father’s Day, and it’s free shipping also! Dressing well doesn’t have to be boring so treat him a new tie and level up those OOTD.

Get the perfect Tie here » https://www.ties.com and use the promo code ❝ TIESXBABBLE15 ❞ to get 15% off your order.

Grady’s Cold Brew – Bean Bag Cold Brew Kit

Grady’s Cold Brew - Bean Bag Cold Brew KitPIN IT!

For all the Dads who love coffee – this option features the drink he loves, with a twist! For a change, why not give him a DIY cold brew? Grady’s Cold Brew is perfect for coffee lovers who wanted to try something new. The kit has a “Pour and Store” pouch and a bag of ground coffee beans. All you have to do is add water, soak it overnight, and remove the bags the next morning and voila! Instant cold brew! This is perfect to start the day with or to unwind due to the hot summer weather.

Get Grady’s Cold Brew here » http://www.gradyscoldbrew.com and use the promo code ❝ BABBLEBOXX20 ❞ to get 20% off any purchase Sitewide through June 30th 2018.

Black Clover Hat

Black Clover HatPIN IT!

Another good idea for a gift is a hat. Take it to the next level by giving premium and high-quality hat instead of just an ordinary hat at the mall. Black Clover is known for its extremely comfortable hats. They have premium fitted hats that can fit any size. It has a wide variety of designs that can match any outfit. It has high-quality materials but will not cost you too much. If you are thinking of giving him a hat, Black Clover is definitely a top choice.

Get your Black Clover hat here » https://blackcloverusa.com and use the promo code ❝ lucky15 ❞ to get 15% off your order through June 30th 2018.

Did you find your perfect Father’s Day gift? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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