Learn how to feed the whole family FRESH and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle!

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You may have already heard that my small family (Derek, me, our little one and Pebbles) switched our lifestyle to fresh food meals with FreshPet and HelloFresh for 30-days.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, FreshPet offers natural, fresh-from-the-fridge foods for our furbabies. Since I wanted Pebbles to eat as healthily as we do, we switched her meals too! The thing that I liked about this pet food is it does not contain any preservatives, additives, meat powders and the likes. It includes just real meat and veggies. It is like giving my furry one a home cooked meal (in fact, at first glance of the packaging Derek mistook it for a meatloaf for us and not for our pup!).

HelloFreshPIN IT!

On the other hand, HelloFresh is a type of food delivery service that aims to create a fun and convenient cooking experience by making fresh ingredients accessible to their subscribers. All of the ingredients are already portioned and prepackaged according to the recipes that they have provided in each package. From a subscriber/users’ perspective, all that I have to do is to zest, chop and saute the ingredients according to the instructions and voila, I already have a home-cooked healthy meal within just 30 minutes.

Now that we have reached the end of the 30-day meal plan journey, I’d love to share that we couldn’t be any happier! As promised, I will be sharing with a quick recap of our experience that we had about it.

My HelloFresh Experience

As a pregnant woman, I was very enthusiastic to try this food delivery service. Can you just imagine how healthy it is for my baby and I to eat healthy delicious meals with fresh ingredients? And oh boy, I am so glad I tried it!

HelloFreshPIN IT!

HelloFreshPIN IT!

My primary concern is to protect our precious bundle of joy from unwanted chemicals as well as pesticides in foods and knowing that all the ingredients are fresh gave me peace of mind. I also experienced severe bouts of morning sickness on top of gestational diabetes, so the inclusion of fresh veggies in the meal did wonders to my situation. And the recipes are always different, so I do not have to worry about getting bored eating the same thing again and again.

And above all, there is no need for me to shop and fall in line in the grocery which is already quite difficult for me since I already find it hard to walk and move around (and according to my husband, I already waddle like a duck!).

Derek’s HelloFresh Experience

Being in the military, Derek is always on point when it comes to his health. They have to maintain a particular physical fitness routine and the likes. So you can imagine that he isn’t the type to indulge in fatty meals and an assortment of junk food. We both enjoy eating out and trying out different dishes as well as cuisines. From his perspective, he loves the fresh off the box variety we get from HelloFresh.

Pebble’s Freshpet Experience

On the other hand, Pebbles thoroughly enjoys her Freshpet supply, and she is happier than ever! She loves every bit of it and devours the entire bowl within minutes (before, she always has leftovers in the bowl). And since she eats heartily and healthily, she has more energy all throughout the day. You can bet that she is eating like a spoiled princess – meatloaf, shredded chicken, bit and chunks of meat, what more can you ask for right?

FreshPetPIN IT!

freshpetPIN IT!

freshpetPIN IT!

As for my part, I am delighted knowing that she eats as good as we do.

Truly, no five-star meal can beat a home-cooked meal that contains fresh ingredients. Thanks to switching to a healthier lifestyle, we were able to bring back fresh to our table and my dog’s feeding bowl! I can’t reiterate enough how much we recommend to try out HelloFresh & FreshPet and you can get #FreshWithYourPet in no time!

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