First Mood-Altering Wearable Tech by THYNC

Need a morning pick me up? How about a calming evening? Maybe a weekend boost … whatever the case may be, THYNC engineered the first wearable tech that uses neuro-signaling algorithms to shift and optimize people’s state of mind in areas related to calm and energy. Reduction in stress via electrical neurosignaling? Sounds complicated, but I promise you it really isn’t.

I see so much potential in our modern world and I know there will be more to come that will truly change and improve our lives. Maybe I watch too much Sci-Fi / Futuristic related shows, but I know one thing is for sure … it’s just a matter of time. So when I first heard of THYNC and its capability to unlock the power in our mind, I knew right away that it will be an advancement I can’t miss out on. I love gadgets, and most of all I am in love with innovative technology.

THYNC wearable techPIN IT!

During the Nextpert StyleXtech event last September 10th I managed to get my hands on and experience THYNC. I must say, it definitely is a groundbreaking technology. Right after trying it out, I immediately noticed the pulsation against my skin. Since I have chosen “CALM” in the midst of a lively event, I knew I can easily tell if there will be any difference to my overall being.


Let’s be honest, women wearing high-heels and walking around on them the whole day? That will obviously bring discomfort. Except we do what we can to look good. Before trying on THYNC my back was hurting and my feet was surely aching. I wasn’t expecting a miracle … I knew the pain isn’t going to go away but I wondered what the device can do for me at the time being. Guess what? Within minutes, I feel the relaxation kicking in. My muscles weren’t as tensed and felt at ease. Since I was trying out THYNC with my blogger girl friend Jackie we were comparing each other’s experience and intensity level.

Enjoying THYNC’s Calming Feature


From the actual experience we concurred it’s very easy to use. If the pulses or the “electrical neurosignaling” becomes a bit uncomfortable users can easily adjust the intensity on their iOs app. I started at 40%, got comfortable at 75% and went down to 55% shortly before my vibe session ended.


THYNC wearable techPIN IT!

More About THYNC

Overall, I enjoyed my experience and truly believe that I can implement THYNC into my daily/regular routine. If for anything … I do wish that they can improve the strips so that they can be reusable instead of disposable. That would make this device even more appealing to shoppers and possible consumers who might be in doubt if this product is right for them. Personally speaking, I love this device and would definitely recommend it to my family, friends and readers.

Thync can be purchased at for $299.


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