Tips for First Time Homeschool Parents

Most schools across the country have chosen to close down through the end of the school year. Some schools have decided for classes to continue at home. If you’ve never homeschooled your children before, this can be overwhelming. Most children don’t see home as a classroom and this means getting them on board may be difficult. Let’s take a closer look at tips for first time homeschool parents.

Set Some Ground Rules
You need to sit down with your children and discuss what is expected of them. Explain that for the next few weeks, school is going to be at home. This means that during certain hours of the day, there will be no TV, video games, or other activities that aren’t related to homeschool. Explain how lessons will be done, when they will be done, etc. In other words, you’re going to need a good plan before you get started.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It
A schedule is essential. If your kids are allowed to work on their assignments whenever they want, they will get behind. It only takes a few days of being off track for things to be completely messed up. Look at the lesson plan the teacher has provided and schedule the day for each child. If your children have to go online for some assignments, schedule the time so that other children are working on other things, if you don’t have enough computers for each child. If children have live-lessons with their teachers, make absolutely sure your schedule takes this into account.

Get Help If You Need It
Here’s the thing. Many adults can no longer do some of the work their children are required to do. Common core math, anyone? If you’re in over your head, reach out to the teacher. You may even have to get your child an online tutor to help out.

Be Realistic
This is new for you and your children. Homeschool isn’t always easy for those that do it as their normal schooling method. You need to make sure you set realistic expectations. Be as prepared as you can be, but understand that there will be hiccups along the way.

Take Care of Yourself
Last, but not least, homeschool can be stressful. Make sure that you’re doing something for yourself each evening. Read a good book, have a hot cup of tea, eat a pint of your favorite ice cream… Do something for you. Me time is so important for parents, but definitely parents that are homeschooling.

Homeschool is a new experience for many parents and children. You’re not alone in this challenge. Take it one day at a time and do the best you can.


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