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Nothing beats a home-cooked meal to start the day. But because of the fast pace world we are living in, cooking breakfast is not as practical anymore. Whenever on the go, my husband and I would eat out or just grab a cup of coffee and donut to start a very hectic day.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with this routine as long as it gets you through the day. The only struggle is, our energy eventually dwindles down in the middle of the day because of the lack of fuel that home-cooked breakfast can give. The good thing is, in this day and age we now have energy bars available. The only challenge left is choosing which product to purchase. Personally, hubby and I love INIT Bars.



INIT Bar is an instant favorite for us! We love the organic nuts, blueberries, and all the real ingredients used. It’s a good source of fiber (9g-13g per serving), has no artificial flavors and colors. It only has 180 calories per bar which are also acceptable for calorie-conscious people!

INIT Bar is quite a perfect morning snack for me, especially if I am too busy to cook breakfast. As far as having morning sickness (currently five weeks pregnant!) this is also a great go-to for me as there are times I simply don’t feel like eating. Given that INIT bars are made from organic ingredients, I can never go wrong with them.

INIT Bar Roasted Nuts & Honey ChipotlePIN IT!

INIT Bar Roasted Nuts & Honey ChipotlePIN IT!

It’s a great on-the-go snack too if you are running out of time or you woke up late for class or work. Hubby does the same. In fact, there was a time when he woke up late for a morning meeting. He hurriedly got himself ready and grabbed two INIT bars to get him through his busy schedule. He started munching on one before he set off and packed the other one for later. According to him, those two INIT bars save that day for him as the meeting didn’t wrap up until 3 pm. For those who are wondering, INIT bars taste great! With all honesty, it doesn’t leave an aftertaste, unlike other energy bars I have tried. It has a unique, distinct flavor and has more substance than a regular snack bar.

The new INIT nut and fruit bars are available in 4 delicious flavors:

  • Dark Chocolate Almond & Summer Berries
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry & Cashews
  • Mixed Nuts & Sweet Berries
  • Roasted Nuts & Honey Chipotle

These varieties are readily available in every local Walmart stores and at Walmart.Com website.

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  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Those sound so yummy! I’ll have to get a bunch of these to keep with me when I’m traveling. I always like to have snacks on hand.

  • Bill Sweeney

    I’m a big snacker. I know it’s not good for me, but it is what it is. I’ve got to get some of these Init bars. If I’m going to snack, it can at least be good for me.

  • Joely Smith

    These look GOOD! I love trying new healthy snacks and bars like this. I have Type 1 Diabetes so I NEED quick and healthy treats for when I get low blood sugar. I will look for them and try them out!

  • Nancy @ whispered inspirations

    Yummy! Those look very good! Hopefully they have them at my local grocery store!

  • Karissa @WithOurBest (@withourbest)

    I love discovering new bars! These look good! How much sugar?

  • Kelly

    Init Bars looks absolutely delicious. I wouldn’t mind including it in my daily health regimen.

  • Ali Rost

    I haven’t heard of these .. but I’m definitely going to try them out. It’s so nice to have a snack bar in my purse or backpack for when I’m out and about. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion!

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    Never heard of init bars. Would def try it.

  • rika

    I have never heard of this brand before. My kids love bars, we always try new bars everyday!

  • HilLesha

    This is my first time hearing about the INIT bars, but I will most certainly be on the lookout for them! I’d love to try the Dark Chocolate Cherry & Cashews.

  • Karlyn Cruz

    Init bars looks really delicious! I’ve never tried them but I will look into this.

  • Chrishelle Ebner

    I could definitely use a mid morning energy booster from time to time. Init bars look like a delicious way to put some pep in my step. Will have to visit WalMart and pick some up.

  • Kathy

    I’ve never heard of these bars before. I’ll have to pick some up and give them a try. I’m always looking for new bars to try anyways.

  • uprunforlife

    Yum. I love eating protein bars for lunch or a snack depending on calorie count. I haven’t tried this brand yet.

  • Shannon Gurnee

    I hadn’t heard of these bars before, but they look and sound good. I’ll have to check them out the next time I’m at Walmart.

  • Emma Spellman

    These look super yummy! I am always looking for healthy on the go snacks. With vacation coming up I will be looking for these in the store!

  • Victoria Heckstall

    I always love having bars to my bag, this init bars are really looks yummy and perfect on-the-go.

  • My Teen Guide

    Wow, they’ll be perfect for my diet. A box of these please!

  • aziel morte

    Super yummy! INIT nut & fruit bars will give you all the good stuff you want. Dark Chocolate, Almonds & Summer Berries combined — fuel, fun and flavor in every bite.

  • Sara

    I cant believe I have never heard of INIT bars before. I am a granola bar junkie too! These look delicious, I will definitely be looking for them at the store.

  • The Cubicle Chick

    These look and sound amazing. I would love to try them especially the Dark Chocolate Cherry & Cashews. I need to check the carb count as I’m always looking for low carb options. – yolonda

  • Gabriel

    These look like a great alternative to get some decent nutrition in when you’re craving some sweets.