Unique Instant Photo to Last a Lifetime with Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

As a blogger, I capture memories through photography all the time. Yes, be it for a scrumptious meal, fascinating outfit of the day, selfies or just random things that catches my attention. My tools of trade comprise of a camera phone, SLR camera and a Go Pro – all of which are digital. I love knowing I can share my creative outlook in life online and reach people from across the world – instantly … yet there’s still something missing, an actual hard copy of those memories. The best choice is to print them out with an Instax Share™ Printer and someday I’ll get one to print my camera roll (which currently contains 3,511 images).

Looking back in my childhood days, I have always fancied the look of a traditional polaroid … so you can bet I have been wishing to own an Instax – and now I do! All thanks to the awesome peeps at Fujifilm. Since my birthday is just right around the corner … and finally having my own Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, it simply puts icing on the cake! This beauty came not a moment too soon. As I unboxed my package I was greeted with a cute powder blue Instax and an Instax Film.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8PIN IT!

Instax Mini 8PIN IT!

Fujifilm Instax Mini FilmPIN IT!

Top 3 Reason Why I Love My Instax

» Spur of the Moment and Excitement – who doesn’t want to capture their memories in such a cute device? Even more, see it develop instantly and pop right up on top! The instax shots can be given away with notes, taped on a wall, inserted on binders … or to decorate planners and dividers. Just the way I like it. (stay tuned for more post featuring where I take my Instax and how I keep my snaps)

» Light, Compact & Easy to Use – this beautiful device may look a bit chunky but it still is compact and very light! If size matters, there are plenty of Instax models to choose from and the variations would make just about anyone want them all. Want a photographer like feel? Go for the Instax Mini 90 for a classic look. Looking for something girly and cute? Go for the Instax Mini Hello Kitty. Purrrr.

» The Colors – I am madly in love with pastel colors! They have white, pink, blue and yellow. For the guys they have black. Everybody wins. What’s even better is that they came out with two new fun vibrant colors, raspberry and grape! Some regional restrictions may apply. I heard on some countries they don’t carry all colors. No worries … if you really want a certain color so bad, simply order your Instax online where they have it.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Tips for taking Awesome Instax Snaps

» Natural Light – make use of the sunshine. The photos will come out beautifully and if you’re lucky, may even get a few bokeh light effect in the background. Altogether this will help make your snaps crispier and clearer. However, avoid *direct* sunlight or that will just make your snaps grainy if not worst.

» Motion – one, two three, snap … and hold still! That’s right. To avoid blurring or motion you need to make sure you keep your hands still until the processing is done. If you like the blur or motion as effects … then just go on and have at it. It’s all a matter of preference anyway.

» Enjoy – just keep snapping and love every moment!

Trivia Time! What’s better than having my own instax to play with? A give away! That’s right … a chance to win your very own Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 + film. I bet I now have your undivided attention. 😉 So make sure to come back soon and visit my blog again for the full mechanics. That way we can celebrate my cake day with a snap!

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