Fuzzy to Fabulous with DERMAFLASH

Now that this year is ready to close its chapter, it’s time for us make our 2016 so awesome, 2015 gets jealous! Most of us already have a good mindset and resolution to start with … but often forget or neglect a very important thing – that is taking good care of our skin. I used to think back when I was younger that I don’t need certain regimen since I am “still young” and that I have time to play catch-up. I couldn’t be more wrong!

Starting as early as possible to prevent skin problems and aging is a must. Luckily for our generation, we now have innovative beauty tools / gadgets that we can rely on. Start the New Year right with DERMAFLASH anyone can easily go from Fuzzy to Fabulous in a FLASH!

Dermaflash ReviewPIN IT!

DermaflashPIN IT!

When it comes to facial skin care procedures, dermaplaning is one of the best – in medical terms it is an exfoliative treatment that is commonly performed using scalpel to “remove or shave” away the outermost layers of the skin. A very painless and safe procedure than can help us achieve a smoother, brighter skin while getting rid of those fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).

Despite its effectiveness, there’s quite a number of women who have failed to get dermaplaning treatment. One major reason is time constraint. The good news is that we now have a revolutionary device that offers the exact same treatment anytime it is convenient, and that is the DERMAFLASH.

DERMAFLASH is non-invasive exfoliation treatment that offers the benefits of dermaplaning. Think of it as a portable facial spa gadget that can be brought along anywhere. It is designed for all skin types and colors. In fact, it uses a subtle sonic vibration to give our skin an instantaneous smooth, supple and radiant glow after use.

DERMAFLASH on SunCoast View!

Another thing to note is the DERMAFLASH’s design as it is simply outstanding – I can tell that this device’s structure is carefully designed to make self-dermaplaning easy and safe. Its single use edge comfortably hugs and contours the face. No worries whatsoever on scratching or accidental nicks because of its built-in safety features!

Regular use of DERMAFLASH can also prevent future breakouts because it completely exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Since it is an exfoliating device, gently massaging a small amount of hydrating lotion after use is highly recommended.

How to use DERMAFLASH!

Basing from my personal experience, after using the device for around 7 minutes or so, I felt and saw a noticeable difference in my face. My skin looks fresh and glowy – delivering exactly what it promises to do. Aside from that, it also made my skin care product application easier as my face now absorbs the serums as well as creams much more effective than it used to!

National average costs for Microdermabrasion hover around $100 per treatment, while Dermaplaning cost is anywhere from $75-$200 per session.

Altogether, I highly recommend DERMAFLASH to everyone. This revolutionary device is now available at SEPHORA.COM and nationwide in Sephora stores starting January 4th. The kit retails for $189 – comes complete with THE ESSENTIALS, consisting of six edges, cleanser (Prep) and a hydrator (Soothe).

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