It’s Time Appliances Have a Personality –YOURS with the Café Matte Collection by GE

Christmas is coming up, and if Santa would grant me a wish, my wish most definitely a home renovation. Gone are the days where I would wish for something less trivial and demanding, like a gadget or a toy. Well, aside from good health and a happy family of course. I’ve been wanting to renovate our home, especially the kitchen. I want to upgrade our kitchen appliances and redecorate the interiors. Wondering why appliances? The answer is simple! Now that I’m older and wiser, my priorities have switched to something more practical and of use.

Best believe if given a chance to do so, I would quickly choose Café by GE appliances. Here are the reasons why:

Customizable Kitchen Appliances
This is my favorite part. Merging my personality with our home. With Café, I can literally customize my appliances to reflect ME. So if I am going to have a theme for my kitchen, I would want it to be elegant, chic and bright. This can be achieved with Café. I can have the main color in white and all my appliances in white and copper. Imagine a whole set of kitchen appliances in a uniform color and design. Imagine how your pretty that kitchen will be. With Café, it is all possible. All thanks to GE for bringing this ultra-premium appliances to the masses!

Café Matte Collection by GEPIN IT!

Café Matte Collection by GEPIN IT!

The Café matte’s collection has customized handles and knobs that can match any kitchen’s theme. In fact, it has four colors, and that includes brushed stainless, black, bronze, and copper. I personally love the white matte with brushed copper handles and knobs. It is sophisticated and classy, just like how I picture my dream kitchen to be.

Smart Features
Café appliances have smart features. It can easily be connected with the Google Assistant as well as Alexa to make tasks easier. One can easily ask the Google Assistant to turn on the dishwasher or tell Alexa to check the remaining time on the oven.

With all honesty, it is super convenient and reliable, especially for busy moms like me. Multitasking can be really challenging, and truth be told … even supermoms need some helping hand too.

Café appliances have a handy app that can be used to control everything even when the user is away from the kitchen (let’s say you have to clean up somewhere else in the house). I find this extremely helpful especially when I am taking care of Josiah or when I am working ain my blogging task.

Café Matte Collection by GEPIN IT!

A Wide Variety of Appliances
Café appliance has refrigerators, ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, and range hoods. Shoppers have nothing else to look for, that’s because Café already have it all. All that’s left to do is to pick a design, and go from there.

Café Matte Collection by GE

Café Matte Collection by GEPIN IT!

I believe that Café appliances really step up their game when it comes to creativity and innovation. With Café, ANY kitchen can and will turn into a dream kitchen, without the help of a professional designer. Shoppers have the opportunity to be their own designer, effortlessly.

Transform your kitchen to become the highlight of your home and shop for Café at your local Best Buy. It’s about time you get to express yourself and your style with customizable hardware.

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