Thorough Review of the “Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System”

Are you looking for a fabulous travel system that helps you bring along the babies while staying somewhat hands-free? If so then the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System is the solution for you. This is the perfect stroller for busy families who need a double stroller and still want to keep up with family responsibilities, you know that day to day stuff us parents have to deal with?!

The Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System can adjust as your family changes. If you only need all in one baby stroller, then you can use this. Need a double stroller? Oh yes, you can most certainly use this. Today I’m going to tell you all about this favorite must-have mom item so that you can learn why it’s on the top of my list to have when you’re a mom who needs an easy to use travel system for children.

About the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System
One thing I’ve learned about parenting is that you have to have a “just go with the flow” sort of mentality. It’s not easy being a mom and with another child on the way, I’m always on the lookout for items that will make my life easier. The Gold Pivot Xpand Travel system has some amazing features such as:

Expands from a one child stroller to a two child stroller without any extra parts or accessories required.

Gold Pivot Xpand Travel SystemPIN IT!

With the SensorSafe you can easily keep your eyes on where you’re strolling and get alerts when your baby unbuckles their belt, isn’t comfortable or has spent too much time without movement. Talk about helping reduce Mama’s anxiety!

SensorSafe is compatible with most vehicles that are 2008 or newer and have the right port, do see product link for more details on vehicle requirements.

The removable bumper bar allows your child to get out of the stroller with ease.
The Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System has a 5 point harness to ensure your child is comfortable and won’t get irritated by ‘other’ type of buckles found on strollers and car seats.

With Large Cruiser Tires, you can pretty much take this stroller anywhere without the hassle of trying to pick up the stroller or drag it along rough surfaces. Super easy maneuvering!

Evenflo Pivot XpandPIN IT!

Evenflo Pivot XpandPIN IT!

The Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System allows parents to feel confident that their child is placed comfortably and safely with their integrated belt-lock system, multi-position base, and recliner indicator. This travel system includes the SecureMax™ Infant Car Seat which has been tested for maximum safety, allowing you to have an all in one product when you opt to buy the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System.

Now that I’ve shared more about the features and amazingness of this stroller for busy families who need a double stroller, I hope that you’ll head on over and learn more about how the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System can make your parenting life easier.


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  • Ivana Mearns

    This looks very “user friendly”. Thanks for such a useful review.

  • Denise @In-Home Medical

    I’m always amazed at the technology that goes into strollers. This one looks like some thought was really put into the design.

  • Jessica Collazo

    I’m in desperate need of a travel stroller. Thanks for this review.

  • Chelsea Sauve - Wandure

    I will absolutely keep this in mind when I’m at this stage of life! What a versatile stroller for a growing family!

  • Tara Pittman

    That is a nice stroller. My daughter is having another baby in July and her daughter will be 2 so this would be nice for her.

  • Janel

    Love how flexible this one stroller system is!! I asked for a double stroller with my first baby because I knew I wanted 2 right away. This would have been SO much easier!!

  • Anna

    Oh, what a useful review! 🙂 We’re not planning another baby, but a good friend of mine is looking for a double stroller for her boys. I’ll pass on your review!

  • Sarah

    I absolutely love the idea of this, as it looks like it would be ultimately convenient for not just traveling, but going for walks. I love the fact that you can turn it from single to double. Great blog post.

  • Amy Desrosiers

    Wow, what a versatile stroller! I wish they made more of this stuff when my kids were little.

  • Anne Marie

    I’d love to have a stroller like this that works on rough surfaces! Our rural roads aren’t the best.

  • Lisa Favre

    I love the fact that this stroller can turn into a double system. We are trying for our second baby, and so this would be a great option!

  • Brianne Tursi Manz

    I wish I would have had a stroller like this, if not THIS very one, when our kids were babies. Such a versatile stroller that’s worth every penny!

  • Heather

    What a gorgeous stroller! I wanted something like this for my girls but they were too far apart in age, so we had to get a different style.

  • Myrah Duque

    Oh wow! This stroller has it all. With all those features, parents indeed will feel confident that their child is placed comfortably and safely.

  • Nate

    Now, that is a sweet stroller! I don’t know what else to say! Lol.

  • Kathy Kenny Ngo

    My son needs that haha. But we already got one. I wish I saw this review first.

  • Manahil

    My sister is expecting a baby this year. I’m bookmarking this post as it will be useful for her and her baby. I might even gift something like this

  • berlin

    Love it that there are many variants and models now coming this year. from the year i had my firstborn, seems like the options are limited. today, i love the features and even the color.

  • Ann

    Oh wow thats one magical stroller!
    I had no idea that one single stroller could transform like that 🙂

  • Ntensibe Edgar Michael

    Now, this is genius! This system can practically carry multiple little ones at a time. I love it already!

  • Lisa Joy Thompson

    This is such an awesome stroller. I love the idea of sensor safe! That’s totally perfect for helping new mamas feel less stress and anxiety.

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos

    My goodness pushchairs have come on since I had to buy them. This really does looks super multi functional and compact too. Perfect.

  • Toni

    This looks really awesome! Thanks for the great review!

  • Ruth I

    This is so fab! I would want a stroller like this for my nephew and niece. Love allt he features!

  • WanderlustBeautyDreams

    Such a great review! I would love to get this for my best friend. I love the style of it too!

  • Matt Taylor

    Woah, that stroller looks awesome! I don’t have kids, but hopefully someday! haha

  • Gervin Khan

    The features of this stroller are so amazing, plus points because you can bring this everywhere without any hustle. I wish it is available when my kids are still baby, I am sure my life will become more easy having this stroller in our lives.

  • Dominique Brooks

    That is a pretty cool system! It doesn’t come big enough for my kids (LOL) but how big can the second child be for this system? A toddler? This is a great idea!

  • Melanie Frost

    Holy cow! That stroller has everything! What an awesome idea for new moms or moms of two!

  • Laura

    This looks so useful and cool. I share it with my girlfriend who will need it x

  • Jasmine M

    This looks like the absolute must have stroller for moms.

  • Stephanie Stebbins

    This looks like exactly what I”m looking for! Such great features, this is awesome!


    This would be a great shower gift. Moms would love this.

  • aisasami

    This looks really useful for moms who have more than one baby. I know some moms who would love to have this item as it is very convenient!

  • tweenselmom

    This looks like a high quality stroller with all these pivot features. Any mom will love to have them for her baby!

  • Alexis

    How fun that they’ve included technology in the stroller to keep baby safe. I love all of the combinations from this stroller system.

  • Amber Hurley

    This is literally the best stroller in the world!

  • Sundeep

    I am looking for similar stroller. Thank god I found your blog on time. Let me check whether this product is available in our city or not

  • Scott denicola

    The technology has changed so much in 15 years since my youngest was born. It’s unreal. We would have loved to have had a stroller like this that converts so easily into different configurations. I will share this with my friends with newborns and expectant moms!

  • Jackline A

    I have never heard of this stroller but 22 configurations sounds amazing.

  • Dreams Abroad

    I really like that this can go from a single to a double without much work. If you have another child it will save costs. I am going to look into buying the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System stroller because my wife is expecting another boy the coming summer.

  • Britt K

    The number of configurations here is incredible for parents that have 2 children close in age. I can remember watching friends go through the frustration of having to select a double stroller only to switch back to their single down the road when one of their kids outgrew it. By opting for this, all you’d have to do is change it up a little and you’re good to go again!

  • Lene Andersen

    I love this! With all the different options, it can travel with you from first baby through a growing family with growing kids. The sensor alert is also a really good idea, help you and your baby stay safe when out and about.

  • Aryanne Padilha

    Ok, I’m not sure what just happened but this just blew my mind! How is it that a simple stroller can be changed so many times?! Thats AWESOME. I don’t have kids yet but saved this “for later” haha I’m obsessed with how practical!

  • Lily

    What a fancy stroller. Looks good and top of the line to stroll your children in.

  • littlemisadvencha

    this looks like a great addition for those who have kids! very handy and helpful..

  • Kiwi

    Look at all of the ways the stroller can be used! That is a great multipurpose stroller!

  • Kelly Martin

    What a great stroller! It’s amazing how many different configurations there are.

  • LuLu B - Calabrisella Mia

    Wow, Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System is no joke! It has so many options and configurations and the fact that it has strong sturdy wheels is great! I love the SensorSafe idea, especially when the kids start learning that they can free themselves from the buckles!

  • Emman Damian

    My niece would love the GOLD PIVOT XPAND TRAVEL SYSTEM! She’ll definitely use it!

  • Melanie williams

    It looks fab and I like that you do not need any extra parts or tools too x

  • Alexandra Christensen

    Okay, this looks more like the Transformers for Moms! Lol.

    It really does look like an amazing stroller but a bit complicated. At least until you have read all the directions and have discovered how to convert it into what you need for what type of situation you are in. I was always looking for ways to bring two children that also was easy to push. Being a foster parent it is a possibility that I could still need something like this in the future. Thanks for the info!

  • Julia

    It sounds like a great and very thought-through solution for a mom, who is expecting a second child. Everything gets more mobile, comfortable and easy-to-use nowadays. I wish in my days we had something even slightly close to the convenience of the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System. I am glad that young women today can minimize their parenting hassle with all the fantastic equipment and tools available for them.

    Thank you for the thorough review of The “Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System” and helpful pictures.

    ~ Julia

  • Erica (The Prepping Wife)

    This is an interesting thing to me because I never knew a stroller could do this much. I figured one stroller is as good as the next. I have a friend who is pregnant, and I will be passing this information along to her, as I know she hasn’t purchased a stroller yet.

  • Ifeoluwa

    Wow such a cool stroller! I love how flexible and efficient it is! I can’t wait to get one when I have kids

  • angelina

    Wow, this looks like an all singing, all dancing stroller. What a great product.

  • Shannon Gurnee

    Wow – that looks like a great stroller! Sounds like a lot of great features it offers.

  • Kayleigh

    Having two kids, I found MANEUVERABILITY really was key with a double stroller. I ended up giving up on ever using our double stroller as it was so difficult to turn! This one sounds way better.