Thorough Review of the “Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System”

Are you looking for a fabulous travel system that helps you bring along the babies while staying somewhat hands-free? If so then the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System is the solution for you. This is the perfect stroller for busy families who need a double stroller and still want to keep up with family responsibilities, you know that day to day stuff us parents have to deal with?!

The Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System can adjust as your family changes. If you only need all in one baby stroller, then you can use this. Need a double stroller? Oh yes, you can most certainly use this. Today I’m going to tell you all about this favorite must-have mom item so that you can learn why it’s on the top of my list to have when you’re a mom who needs an easy to use travel system for children.

About the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System
One thing I’ve learned about parenting is that you have to have a “just go with the flow” sort of mentality. It’s not easy being a mom and with another child on the way, I’m always on the lookout for items that will make my life easier. The Gold Pivot Xpand Travel system has some amazing features such as:

Expands from a one child stroller to a two child stroller without any extra parts or accessories required.


With the SensorSafe you can easily keep your eyes on where you’re strolling and get alerts when your baby unbuckles their belt, isn’t comfortable or has spent too much time without movement. Talk about helping reduce Mama’s anxiety!

SensorSafe is compatible with most vehicles that are 2008 or newer and have the right port, do see product link for more details on vehicle requirements.

The removable bumper bar allows your child to get out of the stroller with ease.
The Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System has a 5 point harness to ensure your child is comfortable and won’t get irritated by ‘other’ type of buckles found on strollers and car seats.

With Large Cruiser Tires, you can pretty much take this stroller anywhere without the hassle of trying to pick up the stroller or drag it along rough surfaces. Super easy maneuvering!


The Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System allows parents to feel confident that their child is placed comfortably and safely with their integrated belt-lock system, multi-position base, and recliner indicator. This travel system includes the SecureMax™ Infant Car Seat which has been tested for maximum safety, allowing you to have an all in one product when you opt to buy the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System.

Now that I’ve shared more about the features and amazingness of this stroller for busy families who need a double stroller, I hope that you’ll head on over and learn more about how the Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System can make your parenting life easier.


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