An Overview of Gyaru Makeup for 2013

A lot of people are not aware about what Gyaru makeup is for and what it looks like. Most of us have already seen a version of this makeup style, but often we do not know that this is the Gyaru makeup that is popularized in Korea and across Asia. I’ve decided to do a further research about it and to share to what I discovered to all of you.

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What is Gyaru Makeup?

In Japanese, the term Gyaru refers to the Neglish word ‘gal’. At first, the gyaru style is only applied to fashion which is adored by women who are on their early twenties. It first became popular in the early 1990′ but eventually died at around early 2000’s. Don’t get me wrong, Gyaru fashion is a lot fifferent from the traditional Japanese culture nor is it how Japanese women should be portrayed. In fact, a lot of Japanese perceive it as a sign of youth rebellion.

Gyaru makeup is characterized by creating big and bolder eyes with the use of fake eyelashes paired with dark eyeliner. There are various gyaru styles out there. How a Gyaru lover dress and makes her face up is dependent on the gyaru model who she wish to imitate.

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What are The Gyaru Make Up Trends for 2013?

This 2013, gyaru is making a big comeback. However, most Gyaru followers and lovers today have adapted a much modern style and so, various touch ups have been made and these include the following:

ยป Eye
For the eye makeup, Gyaru lovers are now making use of eye shadow in highlighting their under eye instead of the usual liner since this creates a more smokey effect. They have also shied aay from using blue contacts and are now leaning on the more neautral and less attention catching colors. However, they are opting for more noticeable eyeliners.

ยป Eyebrows
The oencil thin eyebrows are so out of the beauty trend today. Gyaru lovers are becoming more inclined to creating a natural looking eyebrow which has lesser arch so they will end up looking like a baby.

ยป Cheeks
These days, the high blush is becoming more and more popular for Gyaru lovers.

ยป Lips
Gyaru lovers are becoming more experimental with their lip colors and are staring to choose brighter colors like peach and pink instead of the nude ones.

That’s what I’ve got for Gyaru makeup. So you have anything more add? Feel free to comment below!


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  • Phylicia Pineda (@phyaboo)

    I haven’t had the courage to try Gyaru makeup yet, I’m afraid I’d look like someone trying too hard. But maybe, when I do an Asian fashion inspired shoot, I’ll note this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sumi Go | The Purple Doll

    I love Gyaru makeup! ๐Ÿ™‚ When I have the time to really do my face, I even put on falsies to mimic a doll’s eyes. And of course, how can I miss lining my brows a little thicker than usual. It just makes the overall feel more youthful. Anyhow, my little sister is the bigger Gyaru between us though. I may like Gyaru make-up, but she’s a self-confessed Gyaru. She even does her make-up and dresses like Tsubasa Masuwaka. If only her school allows bleached hair, I’m sure she would’ve turned blonde by now! XD

  • roviedear

    Gyaru make-up is a trend that I still have to try! Would want to look like an asian soon and would try this trend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jane

    wow I’ve encountered this Gyaru thing for so long now but really dont know what’s the meaning of it. I love how you explained everything very helpful for a noob like me. x0x0 =)

  • Franc Ramon

    This make up style highlights your pretty eyes.

  • April Perez

    During those days when I wasn’t still aware about the Kpop trends, I didn’t know what a Gyaru is. Thanks for this post sis! This will be a really big help to those who wants to achieve the Gyaru look ^_^

  • Le-an Lacaba

    I’ve never really heard of this before! thanks for the info! i will try it!

  • Robi

    So, this is what I’ve heard from my girl friends, the Gyaru Makeup. I’m gonna send this post to my Kpop girl friend fans so they can check out your tips here. ๐Ÿ™‚