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When it comes to hair removal products, the usual pluck and shave solution just won’t cut it – literally speaking, those method are so old news. Unless you were born yesterday, you’re probably still stuck with your trusted razor and tweezers – like me. Until I discovered Completely Bare. With all honesty, I really think it is safe to assume that I have spent countless hours to date trying to remove my unwanted lady pit hair. All I ever want is to have fresh, silky-smooth skin and free from stubble.

armpit-hairPIN IT! Sometime last year, a trend/hype surfaced where more and more women are embracing their armpit hair. As much as I want to say it doesn’t bother me, it does. I can’t live with mine. Doesn’t matter how short. It’s itchy, it’s prickly … and it sure makes me feel like a cactus or a porcupine. I respect other people’s space and perspective, but on a personal level I just can’t do it. It may be psychological, but somehow I (kind of) associate my unwanted lady pit hair to body odor. Which obviously is a big turn off! So if you’re in the same boat as me and are looking for a product that you can truly rely on without having to nick and cut your skin with razor or spend so much time plucking each strand one by one – you’re on the right page!

While taking a trip to a favorite salon or spa seems fun and pampering, it’s not always attainable. Obviously it isn’t practical, plus the fact that appointments don’t really work well with most of our work flow or schedule. Even so, that doesn’t stop us from keeping up a good-hygiene. Enter: Completely Bare – offering a range of products for a spa-quality professional grade hair removal at the convenience of our own home.

Relax & Wax – Ready, Set, Wax

Completely Bare Ready, Set, WaxPIN IT!
I have to be very (very) honest with all of you … I was quite skeptical to give it a try at first. I have been so used to my traditional method that I wanted to cower down and back out. I have only waxed a few times with a professional and I didn’t want to mess anything up. To top it all, my underarm was just recently shaven so the length isn’t long enough to be waxed. I was too chicken to try on my lady bits … so I went for my legs. You know what? It went waaaay better than I thought. The hair on my legs were gone before I could even say goodbye or yelp for help. It didn’t hurt like crazy neither. It was like a mild slap/sting and that was it. There’s a few redness afterwards but eventually went away.

Completely Bare Ready, Set, WaxPIN IT!

How about on my lady bits? I have never waxed there before. I tried on a small corner. Given that I have low tolerance of pain – I wasn’t completely ready for what’s to come. I pulled, and yep – just as I thought, it hurts! Then again, I did say I have low tolerance of pain. I have to get use with the wax strip pulling more than one hair at once instead of one by one. Did I finish the whole area? No. I got discouraged. I left things as is and you know what I noticed after? That area remained really smooth and no ingrown neither! Next on my to do list is to take care of the rest.

Tips for the waxing newbies:

  • Please don’t wax your face or any parts of your body that you have applied any other treatment. I am not an expert but I highly doubt mixing things would be a good idea. I personally use a product with AHA and will never try using that product if I am planning to wax my face. Remember, precaution is better than cure.
  • Also, do not wax on any areas of the skin that is sunburned (especially now that summer is just around the corner), scratched or compromised in any way – it’s best to avoid damaging your skin further and let it heal first.
  • Last but not least, always make sure to pull the wax strips off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. If it’s pointing towards the left, pull towards the right. Going against the growth direction guarantees a better pull of the hair without pulling the skin along.
Be a Beauty, Not a Beast – Don’t Grow There

Completely Bare Don't Grow TherePIN IT!
This moisturizer is an instant favorite! Normally my underarm hair grows quite fast (by that, I meant within a week or so when tweezing and a couple of days when shaving) and I’ve decided to put it to a test given that I just shaved the day I got these products. Guess what? My hair growth after a few days was less itchy and thick? Or at least that’s what I think I’ve noticed.

Completely BarePIN IT!

Needless to say it was super easy to use as I only had to apply twice a day. When used in conjunction with the other products, my hair didn’t grow as fast as it usually does … additional 4 days in my count.

Keep it Smooth, You’ll Never Lose – Bikini Bump Blaster

Completely Bare Bikini Bump BlasterPIN IT!
Despite saying “Bikini” on its hero label … this product does more than what it seems to do. That’s because these pads aren’t just meant for the “bikini” area and in fact can be used on the face and body to get rid of the appearance of bumps. To top it all, its’ fast and effective formula also help prevent and eliminate the growth of ingrown hairs. Personally I had those on my lady pits and bits and they’re annoying, dark, itchy and painful to get rid of! You bet I am ecstatic to finally have a fix for that dilemma.

Completely Bare ReviewPIN IT!

From what I gather, over time these products when used properly together will eventually decrease the growth of my hair, its density and length. Of course, every body is different and we all respond to products differently. Overall, I would definitely recommend these products to try out. Everything I have shared on this blog post feature/review is based on how these products made me and my skin feel after using them regularly. In fact, I just discovered that they also have a product called “razor bump blaster” which I will be getting for my hubby. Got to keep him well-groomed too you know! If you have any questions feel free to ask using the comment box below or send me a direct message. Until next post. xx

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