Hello New York!

That’s right, I have officially arrived in New York! I am totally ecstatic to have arrived … though I am quite exhausted too. Not that I have a long flight, the trip from Italy to New York was only 9 hours long. Traveling from Italy to the Philippines takes a lot longer [in fact, I had once traveled for 21 hours to the Philippines after Boyf got me a flight that have a 7 hours layover in Abu Dhabi]. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Since boyfie works on night shift, he had to take me to the airport a lot earlier. Usually we would head to the airport 2 hours prior to our flight schedule. This time though we were off for 3 and half hours ahead. So I had the time to stroll around the Milan airport. I was so tempted to shop around, then again I had to control myself [really hard] >.< so I can shop in New York City. Before I get carried away and end up missing my flight, I checked out my gate number and boarding time ...

Flight to New York!

Flight to New YorkPIN IT!

Since I am still quite early, I’ve decided I can grab a quick brunch and chose to indulge on a seafood pasta and aqua naturale [don’t really like the fizzy water]. While waiting for my meal, I was busy on instagram and checking my emails for work updates.

seafood pastaPIN IT!

The pasta was okay, nothing special about it. The lobster spaghetti from our favorite restaurant La Lanterna still have the best seafood pasta ever. The price is so much better too as we get a better deal. Then again, prices at the airport are always expensive. Highway robbery in my opinion. Oh well. Let’s just hope New York have better deals. For those of you wondering what I wore for my trip, I have decided to rock leopard prints.

new york outfit leopard dressPIN IT!

new york outfit leopard heelsPIN IT!

You can tell right away, my eyes are a bit baggy … that’s because I have the same sleep schedule as boyf have. We are wide awake at night and asleep at daytime. With that said, having a flight scheduled in daytime isn’t really compatible for me. Normally I wouldn’t even try to rest on board and would spend the duration of my flight watching movies I haven’t seen. This time though all the movie assortment sucked big time, and the entertainment system quality is really horrible. Boyf booked me for Delta, but leaving from Italy to New York the plane is Alitalia. Their movies are old and their headphones can hear static sound from your seatmate’s movie! Ugh. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

When I have arrived in New York, boyf’s dad couldn’t make it to the airport so I had to communicate with boyf using the regular payphone. I can’t believe pay phone’s charges $1 now! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I landed on time at 3:30pm and finished with customs at 3:50pm. While I was busy trying to surf using the airport’s free 15-minute “wifi” service so I can whatsapp boyf, there’s this guy who kept bugging me. He even took pictures of me from a distance [I know cos he showed them to me], saying he just couldn’t help it as I am gorgeous! At first it was flattering, then it got very creepy. I’m tellin y’all this guy is super persistent. He even kept following me around. At one point he even said he can give me the time of my life, and give me the best opportunities and so on. When I had the chance, I immediately left and went on the internet shop and rented a pc. Boyf finally got things figured out and had his older brother pick me up.

I stayed over the night with his family and hanged out with his kids. Of course, even if I was tired I always have extra energy to spare to have a little fun. Even if boyf and I aren’t married yet, his nephews are already calling me “Auntie” … <3 newburgh new yorkPIN IT!

Had a great time and can’t wait for boyf to arrive on Monday. His work re-scheduled his trip to Monday instead of Friday so we didn’t get to leave the same day. ๐Ÿ˜ This is the first time we traveled separately and it felt awkward for me. Especially it is my first time in New York. I could barely get a shut eye without him beside me. sigh. I’ll just hope the coming days passes by faster as I miss my King already [even if we just spoke over the phone]. I knooow I am just getting dramatic. ๐Ÿ˜› Until next post! xo


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