Hello world! Welcome to My New Blog.

I’m officially back on wordpress [again]. It’s been years since I have my blogs hosted over at wp. I didn’t really think much of moving back, up until I started hearing/reading horror stories of free hosted blogs getting deleted. If you know me personally, you’d know I take blogging very seriously.

angela ricardo blogPIN IT!

I am a full time blogger and manage multiple blogs on a daily basis. Basically, I live, eat, and breathe by the stream of the www. So it is but inevitable to get back on wordpress and purchase my own hosting. Somehow, it’s like a whim … it just happened. Now I am officially locked in for 4 years. I purchased a lock-down as it is much cheaper and affordable that way. Given that, I don’t even have to worry paying for my host for the next few years. I can then focus on investing on other site related stuff to improve my blogs. Maybe MAXCDN and advertising. I’m all about improving my blog and making sure I am giving it my 101% effort. I have debated whether or not to include all my archives and have decided to go back only as far as January of this year. All other post previously published will have to be squeezed in between the dates of January up to the current date I have moved.

New Blog?

This blog will serve as my new personal domain [given that it is under my name] and this is where I will be sharing my latest fashion post and beauty product reviews. If you’re wondering what are my plans now for www.koreandoll.net … I still plan to keep it updated. I am not giving it up in any way.

I love Korean Doll more than anyone could imagine, it is the only blog that I updated with my consistency this past few years. In fact, it is also the only blog that truly reflects my passion in life. So what changed? Life. Like I said, I am not giving up on KD. I just want to make room for changes, and welcome new opportunities. With a dedicated domain name [angelaricardo.com] I figured my blog sounds a lot more professional and personal. Hope y’all are as excited as I am with these changes. Wish me luck on my dreams and goals! xo


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