Hippie / Hepcat Fashion with Toteteca

I’ve always fancied the hippie / hepcat fashion or styling, and today I am featuring this look along with my review of a Toteteca custom handbag. The bright colors, big flower prints, tasseled necklace or peace sign adornments surely will make anyone’s head turn. Some may find it cute, while some may think it’s a little over the top. There’s always two side on everything … the one’s who are in favor of and the others who aren’t. I on the other hand have always been in between. As a fashion blogger I have to versatile and have to try out new looks that appeals to my readers. Which is why today, I am featuring my version of a Hepcat ensemble.

A hippie is a person who is comfortable enough with themselves that they do not hold judgement against anyone else. They are usually happy people and tend to/try to spread their happiness everywhere they go.

Warning: Heavy Image Post Ahead

Hippie Hepcat Fashion TotetecaPIN IT!
Hippie Hepcat Fashion TotetecaPIN IT!

The bag I’ve chosen is the Sling Flap Satchel [check it out here]. To achieve the same look, here are the details of the styling I applied for my Toteteca Handbag — off white fo the flap, red for the body and back, metallic black for the sides, handle and flap strip, gold metallic finish, black inside lining and a hanging tag for the monogram type.

Close Up Shots

Hippie Hepcat FashionPIN IT!
Hippie Hepcat FashionPIN IT!

For this look, I’ve mashed up flower prints and multi colored accessories that will help pop up the overall ensemble. Overall, I really enjoyed re-creating the “hippie” fashion of the 1960’s era. If you have noticed, there are only 3 items that consist of solid shade … the beanie, bag and heels. The lovely bag I am using on this ensemble had been customized to my liking. Check out some close up photos …

Close Look of My Toteteca Handbag

Toteteca Custom HandbagPIN IT!
Toteteca Custom HandbagPIN IT!

Spotted the metallic “AR” initials? Yep. In short for “Angela Ricardo” which really add a wonderful touch to the bag’s customization. Toteteca.com allows users to customize and design their own handbags from the colors, material, handle as well as add-on accessories like my name tag on the photo above.

The overall quality of this bag is absolutely superb. If you may have noticed, this is also the same bag I brought with me to New York for the Nokia Lumia 1020 zoom reinvented event [check it out here]. The whole day I have this bag as my partner in crime and despite carrying quite a few of my goodies and a few gadgets too, the bag is sturdy enough to hold the weight. On my flight to back to Italy this is also the bag that I have dragged all over the airport and to date, the bag is just as fab.

What I Wore:
Beanie and Leggings from Romwe
Floral Print Blouse and Platform Heels from Forever21
Handbag from Toteteca
Sunglass from Giant Vintage
Hoop Earrings from Walmart
Bracelet and Hello Kitty Watch from Ebay
Charm Bracelets from Cutey

… and before ending this post, I would like to share a few snaps of me and Sera.

Fashion Blogger Angela Ricardo pet dogPIN IT!
Fashion Blogger Angela Ricardo pet dogPIN IT!

Isn’t she adorable??? <3 Of course she is! Here's a two more shots of her! Angela Ricardo puppy pet dpgPIN IT!
Angela Ricardo puppy pet dpgPIN IT!

I swear she looks like a stuffed toy! If you are following me on instagram you’d see a video of us where she actually yawned. LOL. Please excuse my “baby talk” voice … I tend to get all childish with cutey patootie kids or pets. Until next time! xox


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