The Hope Cove Giving Shop

Do you know of a local charity that needs support? For me, it’s The Hope Cove Giving Shop. ♥️ They offer a completely FREE resource with no questions asked for struggling parents in Clark County, Nevada. So whether you’re in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, etc. they can help!

As a mom, I am all about sharing resources and ways to simplify the day to day lifestyle. When we moved here in Vegas, I found myself in a tough spot with my rough pregnancy. I turned to online groups and found a few that have become my go-to for all things —pregnancy, parenting, breastfeeding, and more! When I delivered our youngest, it was literally about the time when the pandemic started.

Then a few days turned to weeks, months and so on … isolated, at home, with kids. So I find myself reading and following updates from the groups I am in. How helpless most of them feel especially with the unemployment, lack of funds, resources, and the list goes on. It was very heartbreaking. Then finally, a light in that dark long tunnel. Someone shared about The Hope Cove, and how they are going out of their way just so they can help our community. I looked them up and … let me take this opportunity to say this “WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE THEM!”, because they are breaking grounds and moving mountains.

The Executive Director and Creator behind the cause is Tami Jo Dukie, and she is an absolute sweetheart! Please don’t be intimidated to reach out if you are in need. They are literally a couple of clicks and a message away.

The following items are just some of the things they provide:
* Diapers in every size
* Pull-ups in every size
* Baby wipes
* Baby bottles
* Breast pump (Medela and Spectra)
* Breastfeeding supplies
* All kinds of baby formula
* All kinds of baby food (bottles and pouches)
* Baby cereal
* Nursing covers
* Postpartum supplies

Supplies vary from day to day so I highly recommended to reach out first so they can assist better. Depending on the donation they receive, they may have additional supplies not listed.

Everything is available absolutely FREE! there is NO paperwork and NO proof of income, NO proof of needs required. The shop runs completely on an Honor System. Basically, if you tell them that you are in need, they will believe you and offer you help. As simple as that.

The Hope Cove Giving ShopPIN IT!

They also welcome donations (especially the items mentioned above). The shop also have a dedicated Amazon wishlist where the items gets distributed to everyone in need.

Also, as a thrifty mama who loves to save a couple of bucks and not want to waste hard earned $ … I am not embarrassed to admit that I also received help from them. How? For trading diapers that my kiddo have outgrown for a bigger size. That’s right! They offer trades too. While they do give things out for free, I didn’t want to take from someone who could use the help as well. I also have extra breastmilk storage bags and maternity stuff I didn’t need anymore that I donated when I went to trade out the size 2’s for size 3’s.

This info is a goldmine. Because every little thing counts. Every dollar goes a long way. There are parents out there who buys diapers that their kids apparently are allergic to. Instead of feeling like their money went to waste, they can trade that too at The Hope Cove. This is why I am even more fired up to help get the word out about them. Even if you are not in the position to help. You still can! By sharing all about The Hope Cove Giving Shop and their cause. If you are in the position to help others, please inbox Tami directly!


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