How To Get Rid Of Old Household Appliances and WHY!

There is a massive difference between knowing you need to get rid of those old appliances and figuring out exactly how to get rid of them. It can be even more complicated if the appliance holds a sentimental value to it, such as your grandmother’s cookstove that you use to bake cookies with or a fresh apple pie. It is understandable why one might want to keep it. Except, at one point we have to draw the line too.

Anything that has sentimental value is hard to part with, however, when the item takes up room and is not being used, it is a good idea to figure out how to get rid of it.

First things first, however … If it’s broken, throw it out! If you think about it, keeping an old appliance that no longer works really does not make much sense. If it is a matter of being able to afford to have it repaired, then get rid of it. Often with older appliances, repair costs more than replacement. Ready to figure out How To Get Rid Of Old Household Appliances? Check out my top 3 suggestions below!

Sell it
If the appliance in question works just fine, but you have a new one, or the old one is a spare, then consider selling it at a yard sale or online. You can even list it in your local newspaper OR nowadays, in your go-to social network. Instead of hanging on to something that you are not using, it is best to make some money off of it!

Give it away
Ask your friends, as well as your neighbors or even relatives, if they can use the appliance. It is much better to give it away to someone that will put it to good use than letting it take up space in your home or garage. This can also be an excellent option for an appliance that has sentimental value to you. Give the item to a loved one who will use it and enjoy it as much as you did.

Donate it
Gather up all of your old appliances that are in good working condition and donate them to a thrift store or a local program that helps people in low-income situations. Many people cannot afford the luxury of a coffee maker, blender or even a working cook stove.

The most important thing you have to ask yourself is if that old appliance, just sitting there, is doing you any good at all. If the answer is no, make up your mind to do something about it. If the item is old but still works, think about selling it or giving it to someone who needs it.

MAJOR TIP: When dealing with heavy items like refrigerators, cookstoves, or bigger microwaves, always have someone help you or ask someone to pick it up for you. This will ensure that you avoid possible injury by attempting to move it yourself.

Personally, I only have ONE reason as to WHY I will be getting rid of an appliance (or even a gadget) every few years … and that is to UPGRADE! There’s no better reason other than that in my honest perspective. You get to have the latest in trend, enjoy what our technology and innovation has to offer, at the same time, be able to help out someone in need or make a few bucks from your old one.

A great example of an appliance to let go of is a dishwasher. Some people tend to take this one for granted given that “it still gets the job done” … but trust me, if you know what the latest version has to offer, you would consider it too! Just like the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher! It delivers a sparkling clean and dry (including plastics!!!) by using advanced PrecisionWash technology as well as patented CrystalDry technology.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Bosch 800 Series DishwasherPIN IT!

I have been keeping an eye out on this specific model because of the PrecisionWash intelligent sensors. I totally love that it continuously scan and check the progress of dishes throughout the cycle, and it also utilizes compelling spray arms that target every item of every load for the ultimate clean.

Bosch 800 Series DishwasherPIN IT!

BOSCH Premium dishwasherPIN IT!

Let’s be honest, dishwashers need to be replaced every now and then and upgraded. It gets outdated, germy, and filthy after so many years. Come to think of it; this is where we clean all of our daily dishes, utensils, bakeware AND everything else that relates to cooking and eating.

Interested to know more about the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher? Check out my other post featuring “Everything You Need for a Crystal Dry Experience + MORE!” and if you’re ready, you can purchase yours at your local Best Buy store or find out more here:

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  • Stacie

    I’ve never been a fan of keeping old appliances. They use more resources and they cost more money. It’s important to upgrade.

  • Colleen

    I’ve always put our appliances on the road when we upgraded. The old ones are always picked up by junk scrappers.

  • Becky

    We are upgrading ours this week! I am so excited and appreciate your tips.

  • Amy

    I love to upgrade my appliances very 8 years. I think it’s important to stay on top of things.

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    Several great ways to get rid of old appliances. I really do love that Bosch dishwasher. It has a lot of awesome features.

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    We just bought our first home and it has NO dishwasher! I have been looking for a good one so thanks so much for this!

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    I hate moving, but one of the great things about our recent move is that we got a new fridge. I love new appliances! We’re totally going to need to replace our dishwasher at some point, so I’ll be keeping this one in mind. It looks awesome!

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    I just built my home but I will certainly keep this in mind when its time to get new appliances.

  • Janis

    These are great tips for disposing of old appliances responsibly. That Bosch Dishwasher is definitely on my wish list since we will be remodeling our kitchen soon.

  • Celebrate Woman Today

    Old appliances go out of the door for donation centers. If they work, someone may need them.

  • Jamie

    I am definitely in the story for a new dishwasher, this one sounds amazing!

  • Kathy

    These are all such great tips. I think it’s great to get rid of the old as well. It’s nice to have some clutter out, especially if you’re just not using it.

  • debra p

    I like donating so others can benefit if it’s still useful. I love that dishwasher!!!

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    I have a few appliances I would love to get rid of. We need new washer/dryers!

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    I love that kitchen!! Id love to get mine looking like yours

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    Old household appliances make cluttered all in the room.. so I just sell it craiglist

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    The new appliances are always better. Especially those that a Bosch branded!

  • Ntensibe Edgar Michael

    I will always go by donating. For anything that I don’t need anymore, somebody else does need it or even more. I would rather give them a “headstart” of sorts!

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    Donating it is a great idea. There are lots of people trying their hardest to set up homes for whatever reasons and appliances can be very expencive to buy. I have never given away anything electrical but have given away a sofa before.

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    I keep on hearing about Bosch and how amazing this brand is. I would love to get rid of all my appliances and get Bosch appliances. Time to upgrade.

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    i am moving soon and definitely will be thinking of your post when figuring out what to keep and get rid of. 🙂

    Joy at The Joyous Living

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    We are upgrading all of our kitchen appliances soon! I will have to check this one out during our evaluation phase. Thanks!

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    Some really great ideas here . We have just sold our dishwasher and give our old tumble dryer away to a new home 🙂

  • Emman Damian

    The best thing to do is donate it as long as it is still functioning! That’s the most important thing.

  • Laura

    Yes, it’s important to keep the dishwasher in good condition. I like to do cleaning washes just for the dishwasher. It helps it last longer x


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    These are some great ideas, donating it to someone who needs something more than you is fantastic, you never know what people are going through.

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    I’m all about getting rid of appliances I don’t use. Yes give it away make room for newer items.

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    We really need to upgrade our dishwasher! That Bosch dishwasher looks fantastic! Our local council usually collects our old appliances.

  • Czjai


  • tweenselmom

    Have always washed the dishes manually but it will be interesting to try one!

  • Rebecca Smith

    I only ever get rid of mine when I am upgrading. We recently got a new washer, TV and fridge freezer – the washer got taken to the refuse centre because it didn’t work anymore, we gave away the fridge and the kids had our old TV. Hate throwing away if I don’t have to!

  • Samar

    We just completed upgrading this week, Ahh… you could have wrote this an week before 🙁

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    Most companies here offer a take away service but you do have to pay for it

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    Some good practical tips here. It’s also worth looking into whether the shop you buy your new appliance offer part exchange or remove your old one as part of the deal.

  • Stephanie

    When I upgrade my appliances the company took my old ones away, which saved me having to find a new home for them x

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    My main reason for getting rid of old appliances is to get one that is more energy efficient. I would rather spend a few more for a new appliance than to pay more for electricity. I think your tips are so spot on!

  • Jess Howliston

    Great tips! It can definitely be more cost effective upgrading old appliances but getting rid of bulky items can be so tricky! Our local council actually offer a service where they will remove up to 3 bulky items a year for a very small fee too so its worth asking there too if you don’t have transport to get rid of a bulky appliance!