How to Pack a Carry On When Traveling with Kids —the Genius Way

Typically, traveling during the holiday season can be challenging —especially when you have a kid tow! It’s understandable that the pressure is doubled when you have an infant or a toddler braving the road or even the skies with hundreds if not thousands of other people.

But here’s the thing, whether you’re heading home for Christmas Eve or welcoming the New Year somewhere tropical, being prepared ahead of time helps relieve some of the stress. That’s right, knowing how to maneuver your way around a large crowd, pack essentials and even clothes make all the difference to traveling easy (and worry-free!).

Which is why today, I am sharing my clever tips for surviving the holiday travels while keeping your cool (along with your sanity). Consider this post your Parent-Approved Full-Proof guide to surviving a long drive, each flight, and even a train ride! Let’s get you started …

How-To Pack Your Things Smarter, Lighter, and Organized.

Genius PackPIN IT!

1. Choose the Right Luggage
The most important thing to consider when packing is to choose AND invest in the right luggage. Some may think it is not as important, but a suitcase’s durability, weight, and compartment play a huge role. In fact, it should be as lightweight as possible so it won’t take a lot of your baggage allowance. Personally, I love and trust the Genius Pack Carry On, because it is extremely light –weighing at 6.2 lbs to be exact.

It is also ideal to check your luggage’s dimensions, as the most common allowable size in all airports is 22 x 14 x 9 (height x length x width). And this is another reason why I love my Genius Pack Carry-On because its dimension is 21.5 x 14 x 9 including the wheels and handles –giving me a hassle-free gate check during flights.

Also, remember to bring an extra set of clothes for your little one (for any unexpected messes), a handful of snacks, and even a few handy toys or a small activity book. Trust me, they are a lifesaver! This is on top of what you have in your diaper bag.

2. Create a Packing List
One thing my husband and I often forgot to do when packing is to create a packing list. Little did we know that this is the most effective way to pack everything WITHOUT forgetting anything. There’s no back-and-forth as to who has what and what else is needed. It is also advisable to create a list weeks ahead of your travel date so you will have more time to think and complete your list. Another great thing about the Genius Pack Carry On is that it has a spacious separate compartment to keep everything organized and in place.

3. Roll and Vacuum
Another effective way to maximize the space is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Tightly roll your clothes and then put them in a vacuum compression bags. Seal the bag and then use a vacuum to squeeze the air out. Doing so gives you more room and space in your luggage. Another reason that rolling is a lot better than folding because it prevents your clothes from getting wrinkles and creases. Another reason to consider vacuum sealed bags is that it keeps your clothes from getting wet and stained. With Genius Pack Carry On, space is not a problem because it also has compression straps to help keep things in place.

Genius PackPIN IT!

Genius PackPIN IT!

Genius PackPIN IT!

4. Fill Dead Space
When packing your luggage, make sure you fill every inch of your luggage, leaving no dead space. Believe me, no matter how small the remaining space is, there is always something you can fill it with. Consider filling the dead-space with your small belongings like toothbrush, mirror, underwear, socks and possibly even baby clothes or toys. Good thing, aside from dead spaces, other small stuff has its own place in Genius Pack Carry On, as it has interior category compartments for chargers, socks, and undergarments. I really appreciate the categorized compartment because it helps me save time looking for certain stuff. No more tossing everything inside the luggage and then struggle later looking for it.

5. Keep Your Clothes Fresh
It is essential to make sure your clothes are fresh all throughout the trip by keeping your laundry away from your clean one. Obviously, no one wants to mix their hamper of dirty clothes to their cleans ones, nor have a fresh outfit smell sweaty from a dirty shirt. Keep everything FRESH and clean with the Genius Pack Carry On laundry compartment.

Genius PackPIN IT!

The Genius Pack Carry On is my perfect choice when it comes to packing smart, light, and organize because it has all the qualities that I need for luggage. Genius Pack Carry On is super lightweight and spacious, not to mention it’s affordable and stylish too! It matches my style and needs, and that’s the main reason why I highly recommend it.

Did you find these tips helpful? Have safe travels!

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