How to prepare for a trip abroad

The tickets are booked and the leave is approved so it’s officially time to get excited. You’ve likely saved long and hard for this trip so you want to be sure everything goes smoothly. Here are a few useful tips, which although might seem boring, can make the world of difference between your holiday being one to remember and one you’d rather forget.

Get your house in order

Some people get so excited about planning every intricate detail of their trip that they completely forget to think about what will happen back at home. Who will pay your bills? Who will collect your mail? Who will feed Lucky, your Pot Bellied pig? All very important questions that you need to have well and truly sorted before you head off.

Get your jabs

A nasty case of rabies could really put a dampener on your African safari. It’s vital you find out what vaccinations are needed for your destination and how much time you need to allow for them to do their work. Some need to be given up to 12 weeks before take-off. While this particular chore can be a pain, both literally and figuratively, you’re crazy if you don’t make this one a priority. Be sure to keep a copy of the vaccination certificates too

Check your documents

It’s a no-brainer but sometimes excitement can make people do stupid things. Make sure your passport is current and has plenty of validity in the event of a last minute change of plans. This also goes for any Visa’s you might need. If you’re taking any medication you’ll need your prescriptions, but first you need to make sure those particular drugs are legal in that country. And always double and triple check those plane tickets to avoid any meltdowns at check-in.

Invest in some good luggage

We’ve all seen those people trying to juggle four or five bags, who in the end dropping everything in a very Mr Bean-like way. Carrying multiple pieces of luggage can also make you a target for thieves so do your research and buy just one or two pieces that will do the job. Check out sites likes who have a wide range of bags and suitcases to peruse. Take your time and make sure you choose luggage that will meet your needs.

Talk the talk

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff. Grab an audio recording of language lessons and start learning some basic greetings and phrases on your way to work each day. You’ll be surprised how easy some languages are to get the hang of and you’ll also be surprised by how much better beer tastes if you order it in the native tongue. It’s also a good idea to check out the local laws and customs, to make sure you don’t offend anyone in your midriff Boys to Men singlet.

If you have any other tips to ensure excitement levels stay high and stress levels low as you prepare for your big trip, please drop a comment in the box.


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    I’m going away next week and will be travelling for the next few months so I’m very glad I have found your blog and this article. I have added a few things to my checklist that I hadn’t thought about, like getting someone to pick up my mail for me. How did I not think about this before?!