Making Memories with HP Sprocket

When I was young I spent a lot of time with my family while growing up. We would get together as often as we could and enjoy each others company while doing things like cooking together, playing games, watching television, etc. During those times there was a lot of silliness and laughter and I remember wishing I could capture those moments and relive them over again.

Back then cameras were becoming pretty popular but with disposables, the process of getting memorable pictures printed was a little more lengthy than it is these days. Technology has come a long way since then, although we still have to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour to have pictures developed. Let’s not forget about having to travel to a local store (like Walmart) just so I can print photos. At least that was the way of things until HP launched their awesome innovation HP Sprocket.

HP Sprocket 2-in-1

HP SprocketPIN IT!

HP SprocketPIN IT!

I’m sure my readers have seen or coveted a Bluetooth photo printer at one time or another since their release. I will admit that they were always something I wanted and have always found very appealing but it wasn’t until I found out about these printers that connected straight to your SMARTPHONE that I really found myself wishing for one. The HP Sprocket does exactly that and now that we have Josiah King in our lives, capturing memorable moments on film is more important to us than ever, so, I was beyond thrilled to be able to review the HP Sprocket Photo Printer!

The HP Sprocket allows my husband and I to print our most cherished moments straight from our phones. No more going to the store and waiting to have them printed, we can simply capture and print. Talk about convenience! This portable device is roughly the size of a phone so you can take it ANYWHERE you go. Sharing your printed photos is as easy as hitting a button and distributing photos to your friends/loved ones who want a copy. You can even take the photos and turn them into stickers, which I think is pretty awesome.

HP Zink Photo Paper

HP SprocketPIN IT!

Each snapshot measures 2×3 inches and allows you to not only print pictures that you’ll cherish for a lifetime but also things such as documents, and web-pages of lab quality. Being able to do this at home, on the go, at work, etc. is so convenient and eliminates an extra trip as well as the processing time that you’d have to go through if you had to run them into your local printing establishment.

HP SprocketPIN IT!

With its Bluetooth technology, the HP Sprocket connects directly to your devices wifi/data and uses an included 10-pack of printing paper to churn out beautiful photos. Even your friends can connect to your Sprocket and share/print their own photos captured when you’re together! For my husband and I, the HP Sprocket has been a wonderful way of capturing the milestones of our little one and printing them instantly. As the light of our lives, we don’t take any moment with Josiah for granted and have loved being able to print photos quickly for framing or sharing!

To find out more about the HP Sprocket and its siblings, you can visit HP’s website or purchase it online via and or a local Best Buy store near you. Start capturing the moments and preserve the memories – no matter where you are

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  • Laura @ Mommy Dearest

    I’m terrible for printing off photo’s I would always forget to go to the store and download my photo’s I’m great at posting photo’s to social media, but not printing them out. I love that technology allows us to print on the go,

  • Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I remember dropping off film, and having to wait for almost a week for it to come back. Then I remember when some places started doing the one hour photo. That was awesome! This generation though seems to be about instant gratification. That is where this product fits in perfectly.

  • Joanna Bayford

    I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile I think its a lovely way of printing photos you love. I’m tempted more to buy one so I can make up a scrapbook.

  • helen at casa costello

    I’ve been seeing these around lots of blog at the moment. They look brilliant and just perfect for days out with my girls. Really handy for printing documents on the go too.

  • Ana De- Jesus

    Ooh I could definitely do with a HP sprocket as well as I love the sound of a device that has bluetooth and can connect to your phone to create magical photographic memories!

  • Beth Davidson

    Wow, this sounds pretty cool! I used to be so good at printing pictures, but since I had kids they’re just hiding on my computer. I’ll have to check this out.

  • Sarah Bailey

    I absolutely love the sound of the HP Sprocket! I mean who wouldn’t love to be able to print off family memories on the go!

  • Angela Tolsma

    We are getting my mother-in-law this for Mother’s Day so she can take pictures of the kids and have them right away. I think she’ll love it.

  • Rhian Westbury

    This is something I’ve thought about getting for a while as I absolutely love printing photos. I love the idea of doing it straight from your phone x

  • The London mum

    Oh I love this idea!!! WE wanted to get a polaroid for our travels but never got around to it, but I never thought about looking at other similar brands/ideas.

  • Hannah

    This looks like a really good device. Il have to get myself one

  • Melanie williams

    I love this idea – what a nifty little gadget and saves time waiting for processing those key moments x

  • TaraTeaspoon

    I have always wanted Sprocket Photo Printer and you have now convinced me to make the purchase !! it’s crazy how far technology has gotten so fast.

  • Dannii

    I have seen a few people posting about this recently and it looks great. I would love to get my hands on one. It would be great for travelling.

  • Rachel

    Having a wireless printer is so helpful, especially since we don’t do much on the actual computer anymore. I haven’t heard of this particular printer.

  • Jade Bremner

    I would love one of these. I currently use FreePrints and I choose my pictures each month and then have them sent to me. I have ran out of space in my latest photo album so I need to buy a new one of them x

  • Mayah Camara

    It’s been a very long time since I actually went and got some photos printed. That being said scrolling through an album on the sofa with a hot cup or something is better than clicking through things on a social media channel. I’ll defo have to look into this product!!

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    This looks really cool and its nice to have a bluetooth printer which can easily print off the photos from the phone.

  • Ashleigh Dougherty

    My cousin got one of these for Christmas and when she showed me it, I knew I had to get one too! Which reminds me, I need to buy one!

  • Tanya Brannan

    Wow!! What an amazing little invention the HP Sprocket is! I am totally guilty of taking hundreds of photographs but never getting round to printing them out. This would solve all of my problems!

  • Cassie S

    what a cool product! I think it is so important to print your pictures! Its much different than just having them on social media. Technology has come so far. Its truly amazing. Thanks for sharing this product xx

  • Jessica Joachim

    This seems like such a nice camera. It would be perfect to take on vacation! I think I may need to get one of these!

  • Taylor Aube

    This looks like such a cool gadget to have. I love printing photos and this hp sprocket looks like something I need in my life!

  • Angela Milnes

    I have a HP sprocket and it’s really fun to use. We used ours at a christmas party and gave all the kids a photo of them with Santa. It was super cool.

  • Angela Cardamone

    I had not heard of this before, but it sounds like such a great product! I can’t wait to check it out!!

  • Maria

    I have had an HP Sprocket on my Amazon wishlist for MONTHS. I really want it to be able to print out photos and put them in my bullet journal for little scrapbook moments!!

  • shandy kaye

    They are also ideal for making special gifts for family and friends. Sprocket products ia a centerpiece to capture, share, and extend the fun.

  • Agata

    I am not so good with printing pictures these days, which is a shame as I love looking at old photo albums to remind myself about things from the past.

  • Brittany

    Ooh I need to get one of these! I love snapping pictures all day long and this way I could hang them up around the house too!

  • Lynne Harper

    Its crazy how technology has changed in my 41 years :0 im so impressed on how things have developed and I love the sound and look of this 🙂

  • CIndy INgalls

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of these photo printers. I have to many photos on my phone, yet I often forget to print them out Having the ability to quickly print them so I can enjoy them sounds like a good idea.

  • Marissa Zurfluh

    Now that is a great way to bring cameras back! HP has always been great at making things like this.

  • Emily Leary

    I love how photography has become so easy, and so good. Catching all the important moments has never been easier. The HP Sprocket sounds like a great idea for ease of printing your snaps off without any hassles.

  • Nichola - Globalmouse

    I LOVE the look of that camera, it’s adorable. I really want to get an instant camera.

  • Helen

    The HP Sprocket sounds amazing! It’s great that it connects straight to your phone. I’ve been thinking of starting scrapbooking and this would be perfect for that.

  • Kimberly Lewis

    I love making memories with my family, and this makes it even better! Pictures are the best thing ever!

  • Lauretta at Home and Horizon

    I’ve coveted a Bluetooth photo printer at one time or another since their release I admit and this HP Sprocket seems like the first one I’m going to get! I love it!

  • Ali - We Made This Life

    I love the look of this, I miss printed photos so much, it just seems like too much effort to print them but this makes it seem really easy.

  • Joanna

    This sounds like a great little printer to get your memories framed in no time. How does the toner last and is it expensive and hard to change?

  • Andrea

    I keep hearing about this thing and it sounds so cool! I’m way behind on printing photos. This seems so easy and convenient!

  • Laura H

    I have the instax version of this and I absolutely love it! So handy to be able to print out photos later so I don’t have to carry the clunky polaroid around!

  • Afshan nasim

    Photos make such great memories. I used to do scrapbooking, but haven’t since my son was born. The camera looks fun.

  • Heather

    We have the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 also and love it! My daughters have so much fun taking photos when we’re out at favorite venues.

  • Melissa

    This is perfect for people like me that take forever to get photos printed. I love that it isn’t big or bulky.

  • Aimee Bradley

    I’m loving this. How amazing ! Photos are super important for me.