Opens Your Eyes to a World of Possibilities with Huawei Honor 8

As a military family, we have had our fair share of living overseas. Tried different service providers as well as mobile devices. One thing I have noticed is that most smartphones we have had while living in Italy where factory unlocked. Meaning, we have the capability of using the phone with any service provider and even choose to switch out sim cards as we please. Unlike here in the states where most phones are tied to a network plus a contract. Which is why I am happy to share about the new Huawei Honor 8 Unlocked Smartphone available (in an exclusive Sapphire Blue colorway) at Best Buy!

As a tech enthusiast, I pride myself into researching the latest tech, deals and worthy features so I can share it to my family, friends as well as readers. Doing so allows me to be up to speed with the latest trends as well as help someone who are wondering about the same things.

Unlocked smartphones aren’t locked into a contract – meaning it will help you save money on your monthly bill, allow flexibility on any carriers, and are great for international travel.

Want to learn more? Checkout Best Buy’s quick educational video on unlocked phones › see how unlocked phones work

What about Huawei (wah-way)? The Honor 8 unlocked smartphone is Huawei’s newest and latest addition to the Honor line. I know some of you have requested and asked if I can recommend any other device aside from an iPhone or Samsung … and the next on my list would be this device.

Huawei Honor 8PIN IT!

Nowadays taking photos with our phones come as a second nature to most of us. Which is why this phone is worth commending for its innovative 12MP dual lenses that enables its user to capture crisper, more detailed photos day and night. It also has hybrid auto-focus and dedicated depth of ISP as well as a professional mode! I swear it all sounds technical but they’re all amazing features. As far as the other features it also is equipped with 3D Fingerprint Sensor with Smart Key and powered with 3000 mAh allowing a 50% battery charge in just 30 minutes!

If that’s not enough on top of having no contract and factory unlocked … you can avail a $50 Best Buy Gift Card when you purchase the Huawei Honor 8 unlocked smartphone at Best Buy.

So make sure to stop by at your local Best Buy and check out the features of this device.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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  • michele d

    I’ve never heard of this smartphone before. I was just at Best Buy today too. Shucks, maybe next time I’ll check it out. Looks awesome!

  • Liz Mays

    Having it unlocked is the biggest deal for me, and a nice change of pace. It’s also really a good looking phone!

  • Candy

    Haven’t heard of this phone. If I can find it at Best Buy by they should be able to answer any questions I might have. Plus I can see and handle the phone.

  • Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    I like the idea of having no contract, but I’ve had my iPhone for so long I’d be afraid to go to another brand lol. I like the option of having such a great camera though!

  • Dawn McAlexander

    I have a friend whose phone just died on her and she is looking for a new one. I will be sure to suggest this one to her.

  • Terri Beavers

    I don’t like having a contract on the kids phones so I need to check out the Huawei Honor 8 Unlocked Smartphone. I’ve been looking for a good phone for the girls.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I am thinking of getting us a new phones and this might be worth checking out.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Huawei Honor 8 sounds like a great cell phone indeed. I have had Huawei phones before and the brand name. It really is a great brand and the phones last a very long time. Thanks for sharing this awesome cell phone.

  • Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

    oh yeah this phone sounds sweet. i keep saying i am gonna get a new phone but have not done it yet.

  • KN Design

    Oh, I’ve been checking out this phone for a while now. Thanks for the recommendation!