Hypercolor Brow and Hair powder by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Let’s face it– we, ladies, are indecisive. One day we like shorter and black hair, the next day we want it long and colorful! Plus, we usually act on impulse and that is why we make decisions that we will be regretting after some time. (and I’m talking about hair). I think Anastasia knows us all too well and that is why she decided to come up with the Hypercolor brow and hair powder. For me, this is the perfect fix for all our playful hair fantasies.

I don’t know about you but there are lots of things I wish to do with my hair. However, such things would involve lots of hair treatments that will have permanent effects in my hair (and oh, in my social and professional life). Have you ever dreamt of having pink hair even just for one day? Well, fairy Anastasia has decided to grant your wish!

hypercolor anastasia beverly hills PIN IT!

hypercolor anastasia beverly hills PIN IT!

With the Hypercolor brow and hair powder by Anastasia Beverly Hills, you can get to change the color of your hair without having to undergo dyeing, bleaching and long grueling hours at the salon. The best thing about this? You can remove it at anytime! All you need to do is wash it. In addition to that, it works perfectly well for your brows too!

anastasia hypercolor brow and hair powderPIN IT!

anastasia hypercolor brow and hair powderPIN IT!

The powders come in six amazing colors that you will surely love! Let’s take a closer look at the colors:
» In The Pink. I read a lot of reviews that say this is not friendly to the eye. However, this is the color I loved the most! In fact, I decided to create a special DIY mermaid hair project using this and the Electric blue color. If you love playing with hair color, this is one color that you will definitely love.

» Electric blue. As I have said above, this along with the “In The Pink” color works well if you wish to achieve mermaid hair. All you need to do is to Create big loose curls and alternate the colors in each strand. Another idea is to create an ombre– pink on top, blue at the bottom.

» Lola Lilac. This is a perfect shade of lavender. It is not too dark and not too light.

» Red-licious. This is a brightly colored red which I loved. However, it is best applied together with the other colors.

» Teal Tornado. I believe this looks like the darkest shade of all but when applied it brings out a great teal color.

You can use one or use everything at once for your hair! You can just apply it directly or you can use the powder brush to avoid mess. You can do dip dye, ombre and a whole lot more! There is no limit to what you can do so enjoy and have fun with your hair. Priced at only $12.50 each, Anastasia brow and hair powder is the most affordable and risk-free way to enjoy your hair!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Until next time!

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