Blog Traffic Tips – Image Optimization Tricks And Techniques

If you are a blogger who post a lot of photos or images (if you are a photographer, travel blogger, food blogger, fashion blogger etc) and you wanted your images to be seen at the search engines, preferably at Google Image search, here are few tips and tricks that you can do to further enhance your image visibility.

Image OptimizationPIN IT!

Name Your Image With The Keyword You Wanted It To Rank For

Naming your image with the words or terms that you wanted it to rank for is an important thing to do, for relevancy and ranking. Change its default file name (i.e. img_001.jpg) into something descriptive or into your keyword of choice (i.e. mykeyword.jpg) before uploading it or posting at your blog or website.

Always Include Keywords and Descriptive Text at Your Image’s Alt Text and Title Text Properties

Some blogger tend to forget this kind of image properties that can be included at each and every image at a certain website or blog post. Using the given descriptive keyword, rich text or words further increases relevancy of the image to the target keyword or phrase thus helping it to rank on top of image search engine.

Surround Your Image with Relevant Keywords / Add Caption

Adding caption that relates to your target word or phrase relatively helps search engine crawlers to identify what your image is all about. Don’t just put the main keyword though; make it as descriptive as possible.

As you can see, the above tips all relates to on page factors for image optimization. I am quite sure that if you followed all the tips correctly, your blog post images will rise up and become visible at the image search engines.

I will share some more image optimization tips in my future posts, so stay tuned with it. ‘Til next entry. Let me know if you have any questions!


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