Importance of Pretend Play and How to Encourage it

As your children grow they start to become more social. Watching my child grow is so fascinating. IT’s amazing all that a child can learn in just the first few years of life. One of the biggest parts of parenthood is finding ways to encourage pretend play. Not only is pretend play important, but it’s something every parent should consider encouraging. Today I’m sharing some tips to help you understand the importance of this type of play and how you can set your house up to encourage pretend play.

Importance of Pretend Play

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Improves Development
Pretend play helps your child with early developmental skills. During pretend play sessions your child will be boosting their memory skills, logical reasoning skills, and imagination. Each of these developmental areas is important for healthy child growth.

Encourages Independence
While you can enjoy pretend play with your child, this is an activity that they can do on their own. Being able to enjoy pretend play will help encourage your child to be more independent. Pretend play is an activity that your child will be able to use to entertain themselves when you have other tasks to do.

Improves Delayed Gratification
Since most of our children are growing up in an electronically driven world, it’s important to encourage the beauty of delayed gratification. Pretend play isn’t something that will instantly give a reward to your child, thus helping them reduce aggression and improving their delayed gratification skills.

How to Encourage Pretend Play

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Setup Pretend Play Stations
Purchase some items that will encourage your child to have their own pretend play stations. This could be something as simple as a child’s indoor teepee, a play kitchen or costumes. You’ll know best which pretend play station ideas will work to encourage your child to engage in pretend play regularly.

Read Stories and Reenact Them
Another way to encourage pretend play is to read stories together. During storytime, you can have your child reenact their favorite parts of the story. This is a great way to use those pretend play costumes I recommended for your pretend play station.

Schedule Time
Lastly, if you truly want to encourage pretend play time then have a time allotted for this type of play during your child’s daily routine. Scheduling a time for pretend play will help your child learn how to manage their time and in turn strengthen the skills I mentioned earlier regarding the benefits of pretend play.

There you have it, some of the reasons why pretend play is important and how you can set your home up in a way that encourages your child to enjoy pretend play regularly. I hope that you’ll use the tips I shared today to introduce the world of pretend play to your child soon.


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