The Jewellery People – Blue & White Beach Glass Silver Bracelet

Hello there sunshine … the weather seems perfect today!

Summer, my favorite season of the year. Where I can relax and dream by the seaside. To enjoy the beautiful ambiance while I reminisce or day dream of my goals. Who says we can’t take a break in the midst of a stressful work week? In my opinion we simply have to take some time, hit the nearest beach and enjoy a short getaway.

I’ve been sent a beautiful Blue & White Beach Glass Silver Bracelet by the Jewellery People. The bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and channels my inner mermaid. The bracelet had been carefully packed in a sturdy box with a monogram of the Jewellery People’s website. As I have opened up the box, a lovely shade of blue and white in a soft matte finish greeted my eye. Blue & White Beach Glass Silver BraceletPIN IT! Blue & White Beach Glass Silver BraceletPIN IT! Blue & White Beach Glass Silver BraceletPIN IT! Blue & White Beach Glass Silver BraceletPIN IT!

The matte finish of the glass reminds me of the beach and seashells. The metal type is made out of 0.925 silver and fits wrists measuring 16cm-18.5cm (while the weight is only 24.6g). Definitely a great steal! Check out my detailed photos below:

thejewellerypeople.comPIN IT!

thejewellerypeople.comPIN IT!

It’s beauty is absolutely breath taking and I am very grateful for having this opportunity to own one. Now I can take the sea with me wherever I go. The photos I have shared doesn’t do the bracelet any justice. The glass setting matched with the silver metal looks absolutely stunning. Even more in real life. Here are some photos of the bracelet when worn:

Blue & White Beach Glass Silver BraceletPIN IT!

Blue & White Beach Glass Silver BraceletPIN IT!

Blue & White Beach Glass Silver BraceletPIN IT!

Blue & White Beach Glass Silver BraceletPIN IT!

For those of you who are into jewellery that are timeless and represents a beautiful symbolism such as the sea visit to see the rest of their collection.If you’re interested to purchase the same bracelet featured on this post it retails for £44.99 and comes with a free gift box like the pictures shown above. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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  • acasualbeauty

    OMG I want your bracelet. I am going to check the site right away.

    Thx for sharing hun.

  • LFFL

    Gorgeous bracelet! I love the color combination.
    You take such great photos!

    – Loving Food Fashion Life

  • Jenny

    The white glass really looks like it is from a sea shell. The bracelet looks really great especially beside your gorgeous ring. xo

  • Lai

    So nice! Your review is really on point.

  • Marites H. Anselmo

    I really like the color combination of the bracelet.

  • Zie

    I’m going to ask my hubby to get this for me. 😉

  • LoveSiee -

    Great product review! Looking forward to read more.

  • Lindsay

    I always look forward to your reviews. More please?

  • Mark

    My mom loves anything blue, I bet she will love this if I get her this bracelet.

  • E Hunter

    Another great review. Kudos.

  • Lou

    At first I was skeptical of the price as it is on the expensive side. But then again, all jewelries that are of good quality is always on the expensive side. Looks like I’ll be getting this for my girl.

  • Lisa Lowrey

    Very beautiful photos. You really have captured the beauty of this bracelet.

  • Alaina Bullock

    Stunning! I love it!!!

  • Chelle Dizon

    I love the bracelet! Very beautiful ❤️