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Take my heart away. Take it somewhere safe…

We all desire for a happy ending, a fairy tale that is yet to be told. Same goes with brands and or companies who deserves just as much glory and fame as the big name brands in the market. I have recently been sent a beautiful 9ct Gold Heart Wishbone Ring by Jewellery World. A beautiful and timeless piece that I absolutely adore.

Jewellery World 9ct Gold Heart Wishbone RingPIN IT!

Jewellery World 9ct Gold Heart Wishbone RingPIN IT!

Jewellery World 9ct Gold Heart Wishbone RingPIN IT!

What I love the most about this ring is its creative design. Encasing little hollow hearts inside a wishbone structure. I knew right then and there this ring deserves recognition. This is the type of ring I know I can recommend to love one’s and friends to give away as gifts. In fact, I am giving this beautiful piece to my Mama. Check out the photos below on how the ring looks when worn …

Jewellery World Ring Angela Ricardo Bethea reviewPIN IT!

Jewellery World Ring Angela Ricardo Bethea reviewPIN IT!

Personally, I think it is a wonderful present to deliver a message without any need for words. The hollow hearts symbolizes my message that I love her very much and I will always be there for her. While the wishbone structure symbolizes that I wish her good health, happiness and peace.

9ct Gold Heart Wishbone Ring by Jewellery World

Gold Heart Wishbone RingPIN IT!

For those of you who are considering of giving something special to your beloved other half, loved one’s, family and or friends do check out for beautiful jewelries that can last a lifetime. For those who may be interested to purchase the same ring, it retails for £54.99 and comes with a free gift box like the pictures shown above. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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  • Rasheed Karamihan Aque


  • Lea

    I’ve been looking for a ring like this for a while now. I’m glad you shared this to us. I am getting one for me and my sister.

  • Charm

    The ring is really timeless! I really love the wishbone design.

  • Lahor

    I am in love with this ring! Does the gold ever fade?

  • Gabrielle Agatha

    Perfect! You have very nice hands too. You can model a lot of accessories. 😉

  • Caryn

    Great review hun!


  • Abigail Tabuzo

    I want this ring! I reall like the style. Your mom is very lucky to have a sweet daughter like you.

  • Anne Mary

    Very very pretty!

  • Melanie Morin

    My mom would be delighted if I give her a ring like this. Gorgeous and stunning at the same time.

  • Karla Motol

    Awesome review!


  • Mel Cole

    Great product review. Detailed with photos and amazing write-up!