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Kate Spade had always been on my bucket list. As a trend pundit and a fashion forward connoisseur, I always make sure to keep my eyes out on the latest or worth having. Lately I have developed deep fascination over anything with gold … so I definitely have to give props to the designers and brilliant minds behind KS! They know exactly what the consumers want and produced products that will surely sell. You can bet I am one of those who are mooning over all of their collection including their stationaries! From fashion ensembles, accessories and supplies!

So when I got an invite to join a Kate Spade VIP Blogger Event you can bet I am not going to miss it. Of course I went with my partner in crime Faith of LoveRoxie.com and was welcomed by Evelyn Amick of Indialynrose.com who organized everything (april 11th 2015 – 3-5pm).

❝ Kate Spade Madison Avenue Flagship
789 Madison Avenue New York City, NY 10065 ❞

Kate Spade VIP Blogger Event

As soon as we entered the flagship store we were greeted promptly and can’t help but let out a small gasp … the place is absolutely stunning! Let’s put it this way … if this is my office or my boutique (a woman can dream!) I wouldn’t change anything whatsoever. It’s absolutely perfect the way it is. After we introduced ourselves we found out that the event is held at the 3rd floor! Glorious, there are 4 levels of perfection to fall in love with. We made our way to the 3rd floor and found ourselves chit chatting with the other VIP bloggers over champagne and cupcakes. Yum.

The whole place is so posh – all 4 levels of it! Then we spent some time checking out the whole store and admiring all the jewelry collection … spotted this gorgeous necklace with a cute doll pendant! It’s so chic and retails for $429.

The fun part? Dressing up and feeling like a barbie! Check out my twinsies moment with Faith …

fashion blogger angela bethea

… and if that’s not amazing enough, let’s add some professional shots to sweeten up the deal! I’ve decided to rock the Chic, Comfortable & Trendy Madison Ave. Collection Floral Lumni Top – retails for $328, Majory Short – retails for $348 and the Ibarra Heels – retails for $350.

Kate Spade Spring Forward Watering Can

❝ Kate Spade Spring Forward Watering Can – retails for $328 ❞

Kate Spade Spring Forward Flowerpot

❝ Kate Spade Spring Forward Flowerpot Crossbody Bag – retails for $328 ❞

Kate Spade Wedding Belles Flower Mimi

❝ Kate Spade Wedding Belles Flower Mimi – retails for $348 ❞

The whole experience was absolutely amazing and we also went home with a swag bag! Awesome.


Goodies were provided by:

Carmex (mycarmex.com) for the lip balm, Chantilly Dallas (chantillydallas.com) for the mirror, Vive Mejor® (vivemejor.com) for the Dove Deodorant Advanced Care and Deep Moisture Body Wash, Kate Spade (Katespade.com) for the Space as well as Snacks.

photography by: Jonathan Castellanos | http://www.jcsmooth.com

UPDATE: don’t forget to check out the part 2 of my post featuring Kate Spade’s Bridal Collection!

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  • Cristina Oprea
    March 10, 2017

    Nice article! I love Kate Spade as well, one of my bags is from them! Such great quality! BTW I really like the layout of your blog! It really shows interest and passion 🙂

  • Anonymous
    March 10, 2017

    Oh I’d love to go to a Kate Spade event, looks like you had a great time x

  • Rhian Westbury
    March 10, 2017

    Oh I’d love to go to a Kate Spade event, looks like you had a great time x

  • StressedMum
    March 10, 2017

    Looks like you had a great time, am loving the bags, I can not wait for part 2 x

  • Madeeha
    March 10, 2017

    It looks like a fun event. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Kate Spade is my favourite brand too.

  • Natasha Mairs
    March 10, 2017

    Kade Spade has some really lovely items, but the price range is above my limit

  • Ladies Pass It On
    March 10, 2017

    This looks like such a lovely event – who doesn’t love Kate Spade! The flowerpot bag is EVERYTHING!

  • Baby Isabella
    March 10, 2017

    Kate Spade really knows how to host a party! the goodie bag looks great, such lovely bags x

  • Sarah Bailey
    March 10, 2017

    This had to have been such a fantastic event to attend, being able to play dress-up in all of the beautiful clothing and having professional shots taken!

  • Melanie
    March 10, 2017

    Looks like such a lovely event. A lot of fun 🙂 x

  • hannah
    March 10, 2017

    This looks like a great event, glad you enjoyed it x

  • Anosa
    March 11, 2017

    Wow, your so lucky to be invited by them. I love their bags and the outfits you tried.

  • Rachel
    March 11, 2017

    Oooh what an amazing event to be invited too and everyone needs a bit of Kate Spade x

  • Charlotte
    March 11, 2017

    This looks like an amazing place! I could get lost in there all day!

  • Sarah
    March 11, 2017

    Sounds like a great event, and an excellent goodie bag too!

  • Emma-Hope Newitt
    March 11, 2017

    I love Kate Spade products so this blogger event looks so bloody good!

  • Fashion and Style Police
    March 12, 2017

    Wow it does look like a very posh place. I would love to see it in flesh.

    March 12, 2017

    The event looks like great fun I’d love to go to one hosted by Kate Spade. It must have been fun dressing up.

  • francesca
    March 12, 2017

    Amazing opportunity!! It looks and sounds like you had a fab time, you also look so stunning in the photos!! xox

  • Candice Nikeia
    March 12, 2017

    This looks like such a fun event with great networking and fun! I love the goodie bag you received as well!

  • stephanie
    March 12, 2017

    What a fab event! I love everything Kate Spade so would love them to do an event at their London store x

  • Rachel
    March 12, 2017

    Oooh this looks like such a fun event, I love Kate Spade and your dress is so cute! xo

  • chloe griffiths
    March 13, 2017

    looks like you had a great time 🙂 love the dress xo

  • Ashton Jade
    March 13, 2017

    Wow! A Kate Spade blogger event would be the ultimate dream! It sounds and looks amazing. 🙂
    Ashton xx

  • nicol
    March 13, 2017

    oh my those bags are out there! it’s always fun when you have the chance to play dress up 😀

  • fashionmommy
    March 13, 2017

    How amazing is that store, I totally love Kate Spade products, do all my blog notes in one of her pads.

  • Hayley Warren
    March 13, 2017

    This sounds like such an amazing event! I love the bags that are shaped like things, I have one that’s a bookshelf!

  • Tanya Brannan
    March 13, 2017

    What a fab event! I would love to own a Kate Spade bag and I hopefully will one day. It looks like you had a great time, and your dress looks beautiful x

  • Annie B
    March 14, 2017

    Firstly – hi! I love your blog and secondly… omg Kate Spade?! You are living my dream!

  • Penelope
    March 15, 2017

    It does look like you had a super time – how very swish it all seems!

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