Caring for Combination Skin-Type with Kerstin Florian – A Luxurious Natural Skin Care

Just when I thought I finally figured out a good routine for my skin, my hormones started acting up again due to my unexpected pregnancy. Here’s the thing, pregnancy and I are definitely not in the best of terms. I am not the type who miraculously gets that much-desired glow. To my family, friends, or anyone else noticed how great my skin looks, trust me … it didn’t happen overnight. There is NO LUCK involved, in fact, it is all thanks to science and Kerstin Florian Skin Care.

As a beauty enthusiast, I just CAN’T for the life of me, simply shrug off any imperfections and breakouts. Most especially when I know how far our generation has come when it comes to providing the best products to us consumers. It’s just a matter of finding out which product works best for a specific need. In my case, this is for the sudden acne flair, dark blemishes, dry patches, dehydrated skin, enlarged pores, and impurities! If that doesn’t give anything away … I am obviously going through a lot as far as keeping my skin concerns at bay. I am not a perfectionist, far from it. In fact, I am very realistic, and I just happen to know that there is a solution to my skin imperfection.

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Truth be told, I try so many products only so I can find “the one”, and that’s when it hit me. There’s no one fix to it all. Because of the ever-changing weather and hormones I have to keep adapting. Plus the fact that just because a product that worked for someone I know doesn’t mean it will work out for me. Some might, but not all. Which is why I love sharing my experiences and reviews too! Because I know for sure someone will find my shares helpful. Ready to rediscover your beautiful skin? Trust me, it’s right within reach. Come check out what Kerstin Florian Skin Care is all about!

Kerstin Florian

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Clarifying Enzyme Cleanser » Ever since our surprise pregnancy my skin had been suffering from all the hormone changes. It felt so congested for quite a while. This enzyme cleanser helped detoxify and oxygenate my skin back to life. In just a matter of time it looked refreshed while boosting cell respiration.

Clarifying Probiotic Mineral Tonic » One thing I have always been a major fan of is probiotics. So to have it in my skincare arsenal is a big PLUS. This refreshing toner stimulates cell turnover while it normalizes skin flora. Within just days I have noticed a difference with the clarity of my skin.

Clarifying Probiotic Refining Serum » This serum is a masterful blend of skin-healthy extracts which regulates oil production, refines the size of pores, and most of all it also draws out impurities.

Correcting At-Home Professional Peel » Given my recent breakouts that left my skin with acne scarring and discoloration, this at-home peel is absolutely God-sent! It has an immediate exfoliating action that helps reveal smoother and much more radiant skin. It is also free from parabens and oil!

Correcting Brightening Eye Creme » Being a wife, a mom, as well as a business owner having sleepless nights is quite typical for me. Except it sure does come with a baggage! Dark baggy, puffy circles underneath my chinky eyes. Trust me it is not a good look. So I am thankful for this brightening eye creme as it definitely takes care of all eye are concerns. Major plus is that it also works wonders for expression lines.

Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Creme SPF 30 » I have been guilty of not protecting my skin from free radicals and harmful UV rays. That’s because I have never been a fan of slathering my face with thick creams that leaves me feeling icky. This lightweight hydrator shields skins from environmental stressors while it fortifies and improves luminosity. Glowing skin? You got it!

My Skincare Routine Featuring Kerstin Florian

… and guess what??? They also carry Makeup products too! Definitely the perfect finishing touch to what their skincare line have started. I love that they carry a CC Creme, Foundation, concealer, as well as makeup brushes! Everything that I could ever need and ask for to look my best.

Kerstin Florian Makeup

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Brightening Concealer » I can’t say enough praises about this concealer. I swear this product truly conceals and camouflage the imperfections in my skin.

Luminizing CC Creme » This CC Creme weightlessly evens out skin tone leaving a dewy tinted finish that is breathable. It can be worn by itself or under a foundation for maximum coverage. It also maintains hydration so it won’t feel heavy or congested even after a long day.

Skin Renewing Foundation » Who wouldn’t fall in love with a product that covers up ALL imperfection and at the same time help boost firmness, elasticity and also minimizes wrinkles as well as fine lines? I am so obsessed over the fact that it is also buildable with a smooth, long-lasting coverage!

Quick Get Ready with Me Featuring Kerstin Florian

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The family-run, Southern California brand is dedicated to promoting a true intention of wellness in a person’s daily life with products that integrate the best of nature and advanced technologies and authentically-designed spa treatments. Offering more than 100 retail and professional skin and body care products and 25 exclusive facial, body and bath treatments in over 35 countries, Kerstin Florian International sources the highest quality ingredients from around the world to ensure beautiful, effective results.

Effortlessly Glowing!

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  • Rule of thumb is to switch your skincare products around during Summer & Winter season.
  • Change your pillow sheets once a week.
  • Glide an ice cube around your face for a quick refresher.
  • Cut back on refined sugar as well as oily, fatty junk food -it triggers acne breakouts.
  • Drink a glass of water before bedtime to help hydrate your skin from within.

Now that you’ve discovered what I have to share about Kerstin Florian here’s a complete breakdown of the products I have shared on this post. I am also sharing the prices AND an amazing deal right below!!!

    Combination/Oily: Retail Value $508
     Clarifying Enzyme Cleanser – $48
     Clarifying Probiotic Mineral Tonic – $44
     Correcting At-Home Professional Peel – $78
     Clarifying Probiotic Refining Serum – $74
     Correcting Multi-Vitamin Day Creme SPF 30 – $64
     Correcting Brightening Eye Creme – $78
     KF Beauty 

       Luminizing CC Creme – $46
       Brightening Concealer – $48
       Skin Renewing Foundation – $28

Kerstin Florian would love to extend a SPECIAL OFFER to my readers and followers! You get same luxurious pampering and also knock off a few $$$ from your shopping total if you use the promo code ❝ FALL4KERSTIN ❞ and you’ll get a 20% DISCOUNT! Click here to shop »

This post was sponsored by Kerstin Florian. While this post is sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are as always, solely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support

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