Kikki-K Leather Time Planner in Medium Lilac

I’ve finally joined the Kikki-K Planner craze! I have been hearing so much about this beautiful planner for a while now and I figured I’d check it out – – and be warned … the site is filled so much adorable and fabulous goodies that are so hard to resist! I saw their Lilac with gold diamonds and literally fell in love. It’s like opening a door and knowing I’m walking into a trap but I did it anyway … I caved.

Fact: Yearly I would purchase a planner and end up not writing or planning as much as I should or want. Often times I don’t even get past more than one month.

I normally don’t spend more than $15 on any of my previous planners so I can guarantee that I am not wasting a lot of money when I don’t end up using it altogether. This year I am committing myself to a lot of changes and I am hoping making this Kikki-K purchase would encourage me more to write and plan. So I made up my mind and purchased the Kikki-K Leather Time Planner Medium Lilac – $29.98usd + $9.95usd shipping – $10 new member discount = $29.93 – without further ado, here’s my beautiful and captivating planner …

Kikki K lilac time plannerPIN IT!

The dashboard is in light pink shade but needs a bit of adornment to make it pop. Right now it’s looking rather plain and boring. It’s very feminine and I don’t mind that it stays that way for now, but I will surely decorate it in the near future. That calls for a whole new blog post so I can do some creative DIY’s. More projects to come!

Kikki-K Leather Time Planner MediumPIN IT!

here’s my current week spread and how my typical “styling” looks like, nothing too fancy though …

Kikki-K Leather Time Planner MediumPIN IT!

the beautiful pink paper clip is lovingly hand crafted by Charmaine of and the adorable mini clothespin with a white heart print is from Faith of – my planner gals are so awesome! Well … to be honest I am not sure if that is actually a good thing as they’re such an enabler! LOL. They make me want to spend so much more! haha.

Kikki-K Leather Time Planner MediumPIN IT!

So far how do you like my beautiful planner? Any suggestions? If any of you have planner, what do you mostly write about? I would love to hear your thoughts and perspective.


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  • Laura @ MommyDearest

    I only just got a planner this year, I didn’t spend much on it, but I was determined to use it, and so far I have. I got in the summer and most of the pages have writing on them, I’m still terrible to forget to bring it with me when i’m out but I’m trying. This planner is gorgeous and I just might have to get one when mine is done. I use my planner for everything from planing meals, keeping track of my son’s multiple appts, and helping me schedule my blog.