Target Your Skin’s Microbiome with the Power of LaFlore Skincare’s Beauty-Boosting Probiotics!

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As most of you already know, I love everything that relates to beauty. Back then, I will try just about everything and anything that is trendy and highly talked about in magazines and social media platforms. But all of that had changed when I became pregnant. I became a lot more careful in choosing the skin care products that I use because certain ingredients can affect the baby inside my womb. Because of that, I’m always on a mission to look for skin care products that do not contain any chemicals that may be harmful to my little one (and oh boy, was it hard!).

I was optimistic at first, but it soon became apparent that doing so was not an easy feat. That’s why I am absolutely thankful (and grateful) to have come across LaFlore Probiotics and to have had the opportunity to put their line to the test.

LaFlore Skincare

LaFlore ProbioticsPIN IT!

LaFlore Probiotics is a new skin care line that delivers plant-based skin care products that are free from allergens, glutens, paragon, toxins, and bleach, so you are assured that it is completely safe not just for your skin but for the little one inside your tummy as well.

Aside from that fact, another unique thing about this skin care line is that it uses probiotic technology and a blend of natural ingredients that work at cell-level to maintain the health and integrity of the skin. When it comes in contact with the skin, the live probiotics will boost the healthy flora in the skin, ensuring that it is able to function properly on its own.

Moreover, every product contains the right strain of probiotics which can provide the skin the protection and nourishment it needs to address different skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. Lastly, their products use Aloe (and not water) as the main ingredient, which makes them more effective in healing and calming skin irritations.

LaFlore Probiotic Cleanser

LaFlore Probiotic CleanserPIN IT!

Cleansing with this plant-based cleanser that contains perilla seed oil along with other natural ingredients that promote gentle exfoliation of the skin. Mostly, I used it as a cleanser. But sometimes, when I feel like it, I also use it as a mask (just apply a thin layer of the product to the skin and let it dry for a minute and rinse!). It can also be an exfoliator (you just need a washcloth!).

LaFlore Serum Concentrate

LaFlore Serum ConcentratePIN IT!

If breakouts and blemishes are your worries, this is the product to use. It is formulated with nourishing oils that can calm inflammation and restore balance to the skin.

LaFlore Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer

LaFlore Probiotic Daily Defense MoisturizerPIN IT!

Dry skin was my biggest problem, so this lightweight moisturizer is heaven sent for me. It contains an excellent blend of plant-based oils along with vitamin D3 and hyaluronic acid that can boost the synthesis of collagen, a substance that keeps skin firm and strong.

As an expectant mother, it is our responsibility to ensure that our amazing miracle will be protected and safe in our womb at all times. But we also owe it to ourselves to make sure that our skin receives the nourishment it needs throughout the journey. Fortunately for us, LaFlore Probiotics products are here to ensure that we can do both!


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  • Robin rue

    That sounds like an amazing line of skincare products. I would love to check it out sometime.

  • Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it sounds so luxurious. I am pretty brand specific, and stick to what I love, but I’d be willing to give this a try, if they had sample sizes.

  • Lori geurin

    I love that these products are plant-based and free of all the harmful chemicals! I take probiotics daily but haven’t ever put them on my skin. Would love to try this!

  • JeanIne

    It’s amazing how many changes our body goes thru having children. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. Skin care is definitely important. This looks like a great product.

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I need to give this stuff a try! I’ve been hearing a lot about the brand and what it can do for the skin. Thanks for sharing this!

  • TColeman

    I have never heard of these products before but they look so amazing. I am going to have to look into getting some.

  • Bill Sweeney

    This was a very interesting read. I had no idea that skin had a microbiome. That’s pretty cool!

  • Nailil

    I love learning about new products. I will have to check these out and maybe try them myself.

  • Karen Morse

    It sounds amazing! I love a good moisturizer that I can take with me all the time. It’s really worth it to try these products! I’ve never used them before!

  • Sherry

    I would love to try this product. As I get older I find I am breaking out more. I like that there are no harsh chemicals as I have sensitive skin.

  • Claudia Krusch

    My skin has been getting really dry this summer. I have been looking for a new skincare line to try. I will have to get some of this to try.

  • Cassie

    I haven’t heard of La Flore before but I’m interested to give it a try. I love trying new skincare products and especially ones that work!

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I have really dry skin, especially in the winter. I love that the moisturizer is lightweight.

  • Beth Davidson

    These sound like great products! My sister is currently pregnant too, so I’ll pass this along to her as well.

  • Liz Mays

    These must be so helpful. I’m liking the sound of the serum concentrate’s oils. The probiotic cleanser would be awesome to try too.

  • Rachel

    I have never heard of this line. The packaging is beautiful. I hope it works as well as it looks.

  • Amy Desrosiers

    This looks like such acool skincare line. I would def try it for myself to see the difference.

  • JEanette

    I am looking for a new line of skincare products! This one sound like a great one andI will defiantly check them out.

  • Toni | Boulder Locavore

    I haven’t heard of this beauty products before but it sounds amazing! It would be worth a try!

  • Ra'Nesha

    Sounds like a good skincare product. My skin is so sensitive I’m way off from developing a regiment due to fear of breaking out

  • Shoshana Sue

    You sold me on ‘lightweight’ moisturizer. That doesn’t happen often and I hate moisturizers that are heavy and leave my skin quite oily later on. This sounds like a winner and must try!

  • AnnMarie John

    Chemical free products are always something that I look forward to trying out. These sound amazing! It would be nice to keep my skin moisturized and hydrated all the time.

  • Jessica Joachim

    I have never heard of this brand before, but it looks great. I am always up for trying new skin care.

  • Cindy I

    My skin has responded so well to this line, I love it!

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    I’m obsessed with skincare products and constantly looking for new ones to try so I love that you are sharing your thoughts on this one. Sounds like a great band

  • Shannon gurnee

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it sounds like they have some interesting products. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

  • Cindy Ingalls

    When it comes to skincare I always looks from more natural products. I try to avoid using anything with preservatives, parabens, etc. I’m become a huge fan of aloe based skincare. It is amazing the difference it makes in my dry skin.

  • Shannon

    I absolutely love skin care products so I definitely need to pick these up!

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  • Ana De- Jesus

    I also use non toxic skincare and cruelty free too so I am glad that this skincare range is good for you and baby. The moisturizer sounds brilliant x

  • Jean

    Wow, this skincare sounds amazing! As someone trying to conceive, I’m so glad to have come across this – I will definitely be checking this brand out once I become pregnant.

  • Patrice Walker

    a- go you pampering yourself while expecting! b- congrats on the little baby bump! c- the packaging is cute and your review is solid. Totally looking into it!

  • Heather

    This looks like a great beauty care routine! I don’t believe I’ve ever used plant based cleaner before but would love to try it!

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    I’m always on the lookout for my new favorite skincare product. Love that this one is plant-based!

  • Taylor

    I love LaFlore! I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin since using only probiotic products – lessening of dark circles, better hydration, brightness, and reducing the appearance of scars!