Backstage Beauty with Inglot for Leanne Marshall Fall 2015


That’s right ladies … and gents! Yours truly have had an opportunity to cover Leanne Marshall backstage with Inglot. This is my second season to attend NYFW / MBFW and my first backstage event. So of course I am ecstatic to share my experience and perspective to each and everyone of you. To top it all, I get to enjoy and have fun with my partner in crime Faith of – and together we made our way through the hectic, crazy yet beautiful mess backstage.

The whole concept of the collection is inspired by the Story of Adele H – a 1975 film about a woman who’s madly in love with this lieutenant that literally drove her to insanity. Through Leanne Marshall’s collection, the model’s will go through four stages transitioning into complete madness.

The beauty concept was made to match. “Hair and makeup a hundred percent changes and it gets wild,” adds Marshall.

Leanne Marshall Fall 2015

4 Makeup Looks for the Entire Collection

i The Voyage/Le Voyage – very pure, beautiful and innocent.
ii Love’s Chase/La Chasse de L’amour – rosier lips, flushed cheeks and eye liner.
iii Obsession/La Obsession – smudged smokey eye, nude lips.
iv Madness/La Demence – smudged black liner, pale skin and lips.

Leanne Marshall Fall 2015

4 Complimenting Hair Looks for the Entire Collection

i Beautiful soft natural curls with a little bit of texture
ii Ribbon curling technique for a longer softer wave
iii Strong tighter curls – a lot of it!
iv Messy hair and all over the place

Going insane has never looked so gorgeous…

Leanne Marshall Fall 2015

3 Nail Looks for the Entire Collection

i Glitter
ii Ombre Tips with Glitter
iii Blue & Green Base with Red, Orange and Yellow sponged-in.

Jami Zoglio, Inglot, Nails

Jami Zoglio, Inglot, Nails

Jami Zoglio, Inglot, Nails

Jami Zoglio, Inglot, Nails

The Inglot team worked so swiftly on the model’s nails and delivered beautiful and on-point manicures!

Backstage Feature by

Lead makeup artist: Janell Geason for Aveda
Lead hair stylist: Britt Dion for Aveda
Nail art: Jami Zoglio for Inglot

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