Get the Restful Sleep That You Need with Leesa Mattress and Hybrid Pillow

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We all know getting enough quality sleep is a must for us to stay healthy and fully functional. While some people can go about day to day running on caffeine and energy drinks, it can work only for so long before feeling the side-effects. While It is true that our body recovers itself while we sleep, sometimes sleeping just isn’t enough for us to recuperate. How so? It’s all because our body needs quality rest that sleeping doesn’t wholly provide. This is where having the best mattress comes into play.

I am sure all of you at one point had a whole night of sleep (8 hours, if not longer) and still wake up feeling fatigued and sluggish. It doesn’t make sense right? Or does it. Before, it was easy for me to sleep for 8 hours straight. But now that I am a mom, I consider myself “extremely” lucky if I can get some shut-eye for 2 hours straight. With the exemption of few rare instances of 4 hours. Since sleep is scarce for Derek and me, having a restful one is valuable for us! Leesa Mattress helps us do that.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa MattressPIN IT!

The Leesa Mattress is one-of-a-kind mattress that was made to redesign the sleeping experience. It features 3 premium foam layers that are designed to deliver cooling sensation, provides body contouring, and give pressure-relieving core support.

What we noticed is that the mattress has a soft yet firm feel but very supportive. It helps deliver outstanding support to our body without feeling stiff. With its patented Universal Adaptive Feel™, it is definitely suitable for sleepers of all sizes. The cooling layer of the mattress delivers excellent airflow and is perfect for the hot summer nights. Indeed, this mattress helped hubby and me get the rest we need to function throughout the day! Truth be told, it’s not that I don’t care if I am getting enough sleep. I Just happen to feel well rested even if I had just slept for a few hours.

Since we love Leesa’s mattress, we’re glad that they expanded their products to sheets, blanket, and pillows! There’s the Leesa Pillow and the Hybrid Pillow. What’s the difference?

Leesa Pillow

The Leesa Pillow has the same look and feel of the Leesa Mattress. It is carefully crafted with the responsive Avena® performance foam that we have grown to love. Oh, and the chic signature cover is washable too!

Leesa Hybrid Pillow

The Leesa Hybrid Pillow is the latest and newest addition to the family. It is adjustable as well as reversible to deliver “customized” comfort to cater to each preference. What makes this pillow better? It’s literally cooler –it chills down five times faster than the average pillow sold in the market. The quilt helps maintain its fluff and support for restorative sleep. Major PLUS is that it’s perfect for cuddling too!

Leesa Hybrid PillowPIN IT!

Hubby used to STACK pillows before having the Leesa Hybrid Pillow. He claims his pillows doesn’t give him enough support. That they’re too flat and flimsy. Now that he uses the hybrid, the quilts are more than enough to hug and contour his head just the way he likes it.

Installation is relatively straightforward too! Simply unbox, position in the center of your bed frame or foundation (which can be bought from the Leesa website separately), unwrap from the plastic, and let it expand on its own. That’s it! Plus, they also offer to try the mattress “in your own home” for 100 nights (totally risk-free!!!) and with free shipping too!

Leesa MattressPIN IT!

Leesa MattressPIN IT!

With Leesa’s Mattress, we are now enjoying deeper and more sound sleeping experience. As they say, quality is always better over quantity. So if you’re ready to have a restful sleep, order your mattress now and use the code ❝ ANGELARICARDO ❞ for $100 off your order. Shop here »

Rest assured-the Leesa Mattress will give you the quality of sleep that you need!


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  • Cassandra Mayers

    I love the look of the Leesa Pillow, I really don’t sleep well either and can never find the right pillow.

  • Samantha Donnelly

    I have been looking at mattresses recently for my Daughter as she needs a new mattress, also love the sound of the pillows am off to have a look now as we do need new ones x

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    We are in desperate need of a new mattress. I keep seeing this brand, and reading all sorts of great things about it.

  • Ashley

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