Bid Messy, Tangled Cords Goodbye with Legrand In-Wall Power Kit from Best Buy

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I am in love with the minimalist interior design. I cannot resist the clean lines and streamlined look that come with this particular style. Which is why I’ve decided to go for this look when I was given the opportunity to decorate our humble abode. And guess what? My husband completely loved the idea! He supported me all the way—from buying the appliances to choosing the paint color and many others.

While he and I were already well satisfied with the simplicity of our home’s interiors, there is one thing that we both hate—the cables of our TV which obviously ruins the clean look of our living room (or any other room so to speak)! Sadly, we cannot do anything about it because since fixing the electrical wiring can be a bit of a hassle and not to mention the fact that it is quite expensive.


legrandPIN IT!
So you can just imagine my excitement when I found out about the Legrand Wall Power Kit. This kit is designed to do exactly what we’ve been hoping and wishing for —to hide the wires of our TV (and can also be used for DVR, Router, Cable Box, etc.) without any need for any electrical wiring re-routing!

At first, I was hesitant. After all, how can one simple kit be able to solve our biggest interior decorating problem? That’s just impossible, right? Well, this kit definitely proved me wrong! In more ways than I could imagine.

The kit contains a fish tape, power grommets, power harness, power cords, a hole saw and a handle. Anyone can simply make a hole in their wall, use the fish tape to guide the cables at the back of the wall, cover the holes using the grommet and voila!!! You now have power behind the walls to power your flat screen TV without having to worry about any unsightly wires! The process just takes an hour, and NO you do not have to be an electrical wiz to install it! No technical skills needed whatsoever.


The thing that I like most about this kit is that you can easily customize it to suit your décor’s theme and color scheme because the plastic material of the grommets is paintable. So this innovative product is an absolute must-have especially if you despise the look of tangled wires too.

With the Le Grand wall power kit, you can achieve a clean look in any part of your home without having to call an electrician! For those who are skeptical and think they cannot do the process on their own, the amazing guys from Best Buy can do the handiwork for you.
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